Avada Kedavra! My Love For Harry Potter

  Avada Kedavra! My Love for Harry Potter

I first read Harry Potter when I was 7 years old. After finishing the 1st one, I was sucked into the wizarding world, and have not left since. I immediately began reading the 2nd, then the 3rd, and so on until I was about to start reading the 5th, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My mom made me read it with her. We read the first few chapters together, and by then, even at 7 years old, I could tell it wasn’t going to work. My mom was (and is) a very slow reader, and I was (and am) a very fast one. So I, being the sneaky reader I was, began to sneak in chapters when she wasn’t there, so I could find out what happened next. Obviously, she eventually found out, but by then I had finished the book. We moved on to the 6th, and she would not let me read it by myself. We read the 7th after that, and I was in love.

Harry Potter was my first fandom. It means so much to me, and will stay in my heart forever.

I’m in Ravenclaw, if you were curious.

If I could go to any fictional land, I would go to Hogwarts. THAT is my dream school. I’m still waiting for my Hogwarts letter. It must have gotten lost.

When I was 11, I had a Harry Potter themed birthday party. We played Quidditch, drank Butterbeer, watched the movies, had a Horcrux scavenger hunt, ate chocolate frogs… One of my friends even showed up in a Dobby mask and scared me so badly.

I own so much fandom merchandise, it’s kind of embarrassing (but mostly fabulous, because I love the stuff I own). When I was younger, I collected the HP lego sets, and I still have them in my closet. I have Harry and Hermione’s wands, a Time Turner, multiple editions of each Harry Potter book, a Ravenclaw diadem necklace, shirts, a scarf and hat, all of the Harry Potter funkos… Should I keep going?

I LOVE HARRY POTTER. I’ve read the books so many times, and my first box set I got (from when I was 7) I still own, and the books are falling apart. I’ve had to tape a few covers, and the spines are cracking and ripping. But that original set means so much to me. It was my childhood, and I’ll treasure it forever.

I’ve watched the movies so many times. They are probably my favorite book to movie adaptations, because they were done so well. I rewatch all of them every Christmas, and they never get old. I’m excited to watch them again this Christmas with my best friend, who’s also an HP fan, but not as much as me!!

I have the new Harry Potter Illustrated edition, and it is gorgeous. I read it as soon as it came out, and the drawings are spectacular. It made me miss the feeling of reading them for the first time. I’m in love with it, and can’t wait for all the rest to come out in the next 7 years. *cries because the wait is so long*

So what I’m saying is-read Harry Potter. It doesn’t matter how old you are. Anyone can enjoy this incredible story. If you still think you’re too old, read it to your kids. Harry Potter can be loved by all generations.

Do you like Harry Potter? Are you as much of a nerd as I am? What house are you in?

Avada Kedavra!



7 thoughts on “Avada Kedavra! My Love For Harry Potter

  1. I was one of the first in my class to get addicted to Harry Potter! Absolutely amazing. I am from the generation that had to wait (very anxiously) for the book releases Each year/couple of years! When the last book came out and I finished it I was so sad!!! That was it!
    Since then I read them again a few times and every single time it is so magic!!!
    I have the new editions and they are amazing! the drawings are so beautiful!!!
    About the movies, honestly, I didn’t find them good because I was only thinking about the books. Nowadays, so many years later, I quite enjoy them.

    The thing I loved about the series is all the messages that the books send… all people have good and bad, the whole metaphors that she designed so well, etc!

    And if you wonder, I love the Slytherin guys! Don’t kill me but Snape and Draco are lovely…. they just needed to know what love is!

    The Book Worm


  2. Im a nerdy LIKE YOU but i started reading it when i was 9 and now im 19 and dont owned any merchandises yet. But i did make my harry potter album anddddd.
    Well, im a gryffindor~


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