Discussion: Physical Books VS Ebooks VS Audiobooks

  Discussion: Physical Books VS Ebooks VS Audiobooks

Ooh, a discussion! You all should be excited. Today, I’m going to be talking about physical books versus e-books versus audiobooks. I’ll describe what each one is (in case there is a poor soul reading this who doesn’t know), list pros and cons, and then talk about which one I personally prefer the most!

Physical Book– a printed out, physical copy of a novel.

E-book– an electronic version of a printed book that can be read on a computer or handheld device designed specifically for this purpose.

Audiobook– an audiocassette or CD recording of a reading of a book, typically a novel.

Physical Books


you can hold them while reading

very pretty

come in hardcover, paperback, or mass market paperback


expensive!! (HCs-20$, PBs-10$)

heavy (Have you ever dropped a book on your face while reading? Let me tell you-it HURTS.)



you can read them on your phone while out

save space on your bookshelf


you have to read it on an e-reader or your phone with an app



multitasking! Think of all you can do when you save time by listening to a book and not reading it, and being able to do other things


boring- for me at least, sometimes. Once I fell asleep while listening to an audiobook (oops)

Out of all three of these options, my personal favorite is and has always been physical copies of books. I love holding them in my hand while I read them, how they look on my shelves, how they feel, how they smell (yes, I smell my books. Don’t you?), how they look in pictures, their covers, just EVERYTHING about physical books.

Which is your favorite- physical, e-book, or audiobook? Why?

Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “Discussion: Physical Books VS Ebooks VS Audiobooks

  1. I find audiobooks boring as well. I prefer ebooks because they’re cheaper and easier to carry around, but one aspect that many booklovers complain about ebooks is that they don’t feel like real books. You can’t feel the pages and smell them and stroke the cover. And so I still like physical copies, but right now I think I equally read the same number of physical books and ebooks.


  2. I use to only read physical books but then my situation changed & it became hard for me to get physical books without buying them. So I become a ebook person but as if the past year I’ve had access to physical books (& money to buy) but ebooks are cheap so I mostly bought those. But on Black Friday I bought a lot of physical books so atm I’m mostly ebooks but also physical books.


  3. Physical books because they look amazing on my bookshelf. When I read ebooks I don’t feel motivated to read the book because I could be doing other things on that device. I would rather listen to music rather than audiobooks because music is more fun and quicker


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