What Are Your Thoughts On Hyped Books?

What Are Your Thoughts On Hyped Books?

We’ve all heard of and experienced hype surrounding books before. I’m sure you’ve read a book and thought, this is so good! Why haven’t more people read it? Everyone needs to read it! That’s an example of an under-hyped book. But then we also have seen those books: It seems like everyone’s reading this book. It’s all over Twitter and blogs. It’s getting a lot of attention, but I honestly didn’t think it was that good. And there you have an over-hyped book. Also, there’s over-hype when a book is just talked about and talked about until you become sick of it, and lose interest.

What’s a book that comes to mind when you think of over-hype? For me, I think it would be Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. This book isn’t even out yet, but people are constantly talking about it. I’m still really excited for this book, and I hope it’ll be as fantastic as people say, but some people have lost interest just because it’s ALWAYS talked about. For me, usually hype is a good thing, because it means a lot of people thought it was good, and makes me more interested in reading it. Also, think about Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. This book deserves every bit of hype it gets, because it’s amazing. I loved it regardless of the hype. But it has been constantly talked about and I’ve heard people say they don’t want to read it as much anymore. Do you think too much hype is a bad thing?

There is also the other type of over-hype, the kind where I read a book and didn’t think it was as good as people said. I didn’t like The Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner. (I’m not being rude if you do like it, it’s just my opinion.) I read the first book, thought it was okay, and tried the second, and hated it. I barely got 2o pages in until I thought, no, I don’t like this. Why force yourself to read it? Read a book that you’re interested in. I don’t think this book is as good as a lot of people think, and I don’t think it deserves all the hype it has (or had. I haven’t seen this book talked about recently, but it is very widely known. I mean, people at my school have read it. That means it has to be famous, since people there barely read.)

I’ve read a lot of books that I think are under-hyped too. Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen should be read more! There’s way too many to name all of them. Think of any book that’s not always talked about. I’m sure you’ve read a book and thought it should be talked about and praised more!

What are your thoughts on hyped books? What book comes to mind when you think of over-hype, or under-hype? Does hype affect if you read/enjoy a book?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading! ❤



12 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts On Hyped Books?

  1. Although I usually wind up reading hyped-up books, I find myself actively trying to recommend under-hyped (but equally deserving) reads. Even though I know word of mouth is how books get sold, I usually find that I enjoy a book more if I don’t know/expect anything going in.


  2. Before joining the book community, I didn’t know anything about “over-hyped” books. I think it’s great that so many people want to get others excited about the book, but some people go a little bit overboard and it can be a turnoff.

    I try and stay away from the hype, especially for fantasy books because I’m so picky, but I’m excited for Truthwitch so I hope it doesn’t disappoint! Great post!


  3. Truthwitch is definitely too hyped for me. So is Throne of Glass, I think that’s why I don’t really like that series all too much. It just couldn’t live up to the hype.

    I agree that Stolen Songbird is hella underhyped. I think Falling Kingdoms is too. I just read the first book and I want to live in that world.


  4. I think sometimes the hype for a book is totally justified, but other times it kills the excitement while reading for me. If everyone just loves it, I feel the pressure of having to love it as well. But sometimes my expectations are way too high up there and then it just can’t compare.


  5. When I think about over-hyped books, I immediately think of Eleanor&Park. No offense, but I think it wasn’t that good. Passenger is also a hyped book before it even gets released! Don’t get me wrong I’m super excited for it, I just think there’s a lot of hype. Also, THE WHOLE GRISHA TRILOGY NEEDS MORE HYPE. ITS SO GOOD. Byw, I’m currently reading Siege and Storm and it’s so good!❤️


  6. Yeah I think Truthwitch has a lot of hype around it already, mostly because of Sarah J Maas’ opinion and that made a little scared when I started reading it. But thankfully it did not disappoint me! It was great!


  7. I have to admit, I am put off books when they’re too hyped. One half of me wants to read it and see what all the fuss is about, but the other half of me would much prefer a book that’s less well known and deserves more hype!


  8. I listen to the hype generally, and read the over hyped books. But if it’s a good but not great book, I’ll end up saying it was terrible because I was prepared for a great book. I do listen to the hype though, because a lot of them are as good as people say 🙂

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  9. Sometimes hype can become a bad thing for a book. I’ve heard so many people talk about, say, Uprooted, that I feel reluctant to read it now. On the other hand, the publicity and number of times a book is mentioned will also give a good impact, more people will hear about the book and more people will be interested about reading the book. And of course a lot of us have at least once, read a book because of the hype surrounding it.


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