2015: My Year In Review and Looking Ahead To 2016

 2015: My Year In Review and Looking Ahead To 2016

I’ve only been blogging for about 4 months, but I LOVE it, and want to stick with it. In this post, I’ll be talking about my blogging experience in 2015, and things I want to do and change and what’s happening in 2016.


2015 was a great year for me! I really started reading YA and bookstagramming, and that led me to blogging. I met so many wonderful people through blogging/Twitter, and I hope to keep talking to them throughout 2016!

the stats

As of December 31st

WordPress and email followers: 121

Bloglovin followers: 12 (I just created it)

Total views: 1950

Total visitors: 889

things I did in 2015

Since I haven’t been blogging for too long, I haven’t posted that much. But I posted reviews, discussions, memes, lists, and co-hosted a project that was so much fun!

some of my favorite posts of 2015

discussions-What Are Your Thoughts On Hyped Books?, Is Blogging Making Us Shallow?

reviews-Six of Crows, Winter, Illuminae

people that made my 2015

Hannah, Claire, Kaitlin, Xan, Alex, Gabi, Lillie, Deanna, Cat, Nicola, and way too many to list! Know that if we talked on Twitter or here, you made my day, and I ❤ you for that.

looking forward to 2016

I want to post more discussions and reviews! I feel like through them, you really get to know the blogger and their opinions. They are also my favorites to write and read.

I’m going to BEA 2016, in Chicago, and I am so excited. It’s going to be an amazing time, and I’m meeting some of my closest blogging friends. It’s going to be SO GREAT.

I don’t care about the numbers. It doesn’t matter to me how many followers, as long as I’m talking about something I love, and still enjoying it. However, it is nice to see growth from one year to the next, so I’m hoping for new people to come to this blog, and like what they see!

I’m thinking about self-hosting. This might come in 2016, if I decide to, or 2017, if I want to hold off (because money). What I do want from self-hosting is a theme that’s completely mine, and a blog that’s unique!

2016 is hopefully going to be an amazing year full of growth for this blog! What are you excited for in 2016? What are your plans for your blog?

Thanks for reading!



24 thoughts on “2015: My Year In Review and Looking Ahead To 2016

  1. I love your blog! Congrats on starting; that’s a huge step in itself, and the book blogging community is happy to have you 😀 I’m going to BEA this year as well, and I would love to meet up with you! As for self hosting, it’s completely worth it if you can afford it, but not by any means necessary. I’m so glad I found your blog!


  2. Dropping by for the #365Commenting Challenge. I’m also new in book blogging and I must say you’ve already come a long way compared to me. And you’re going to BEA this year, so envious. I live oceans and oceans away so maybe not this year. You go Ava, I’ll be cheering you on for 2016!

    Jennilyn @ RurouniJenniReads


  3. Wow, congratulations on your success with followers and views! Your bookstagrams that I’ve seen are really beautiful.

    Also, yaaay that you’re going to BEA. I’ve been trying to figure out if that’s possible for me or not, but Chicago is way easier for me than NYC!


  4. Hi! I just found your blog through my blogging friend, Nori, because of her commenting 365 challenge and decided to pop over and introduce myself! You seem to have really got the hang of blogging pretty quickly ^.^ Your enthusiasm is also really great to see since you know, books are awesome!! haha, I hope to be able to talk to you and get to know you more this coming year 🙂


  5. Wow, your stats and number of followers are impressive considering what a short amount of time you’ve been blogging for! Ahh, 2016 sounds super exciting for you!! I hope you 2016 is a great year for you and you have a ton of fun at BEA!!

    Lovely post, Ava! ❤


  6. I like your blog very much! Considering you’ve only been at this for less than 6 months, you are doing great with followers and such! I think getting people to follow a blog is much harder to do than following on Twitter or Tumblr. Have a wonderful New Year!


  7. Great post Ava! And you have A LOT of followers for blogging for such a short time! Congratulations and be proud of yourself! 🙂


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