There Is No Right Way To Write A Review// I’m Changing My Review Style

 There Is No Right Way To Write A Review// I’m Changing My Review Style

Every blogger has their own way of reviewing. That’s why I love reading reviews so much. I love seeing what people think, and discussing the book with them. I love how no two people can write the same review (except for plagiarism. But I don’t want to talk about that right now.) Even if two bloggers had some of the same opinions, they would format their post and express those opinions differently. But right now, I want to talk about how exactly bloggers format their reviews. There’s countless ways to write a review, and I have found a few common ones.

Break the book down into parts (plot, characters, world, writing…)

Break the book down into two categories: What you liked, and what you didn’t like.

Talk about your thoughts without organizing by section. You mention everything, but it isn’t specifically put into categories. This type of review is usually shorter: maybe about a few large paragraphs long.

I used to write a review by breaking the book down into sections of plot, characters, etc. I focused on the small details, and gave a thorough review on the book. It was time consuming, and now I don’t want to write them like that anymore. It would take me days to write one review. And it wasn’t fun. So I’m changing it!

Now, I’ll break it up into two sections: things I liked and things I didn’t like. It makes it easier, and (hopefully) it makes it more clear to see my thoughts for you! I thought of changing when I wrote my Days of Blood and Starlight review (coming soon). I did 11 thoughts on the book instead of my traditional review style, and loved it. So I came up with doing the lists, and I’m really excited. I hope you like it!

How do you write your reviews? Do you like my new style of reviewing? (which will be coming to this blog soon!)

Thanks for reading!



11 thoughts on “There Is No Right Way To Write A Review// I’m Changing My Review Style

  1. I’m in the middle of changing up my review style haha xD I’m playing around with it right now, but I’m considering a mixture of the pros + cons style and the book parts style. I love how Alex at Fiery Reads does her reviews though, with the review at a glance – have you seen them by any chance…? 🙂


  2. I tend to be one of those reviewers who has three or four long paragraphs sharing my thoughts on the writing, characters, romance, and the general plot. I tried to have more order to my reviews, but that didn’t work for very long at all haha. But I like your idea of just sharing what you liked and didn’t like. It definitely is more straight forward and hopefully less time consuming!


  3. I like to write short reviews. They are four paragraphs at the most. I typically say what I liked and what I disliked about the book, television show or et cetera. I think that format works best for me.


  4. I definitely agree. I usually do book reviews by talking about things I liked and things I didn’t like. It’s much easier to do and it’s also a good way for me to tell me readers how I really felt about the book. I support your review style change, and I do hope it helps you!


  5. This is an interesting discussion! I personally prefer to break it down into plot, writing and characters then an overall conclusion. I find this helps me order my thoughts into a flowing, coherent review. If it was just what I liked and didn’t like, I would think of something half way through completely unrelated to what I was just writing about. Obviously there’s editing, but breaking it down into smaller chunks, for me, just makes it quicker. But I guess the other way works for some people! 😛 🙂


  6. I am more of a long paragraph reviewer, but I can see how separating what one liked from what one didn’t like would be a great way to go. I sometimes worry if I go into too much detail, I will accidentally give away a spoiler, and I hate it when reviews do that. So I intentionally try to keep things a bit vague. I may try the Like/Didn’t Like method in a review to see how it goes (and I will try to give you credit for inspiring me).


  7. Before, I used to write my review in large chunks of paragraphs but I realized they’re a bit cluttered and breaking them down into plots, characters, writing style, and theme is a lot more organized. I am considering inserting “what I like and what I don’t like” in the future. Thanks for these! 😀


  8. I have written some reviews in a similar way as well! It’s something I call the Five Things series where I just list five things I love or hate about the book. Sometimes I’d list 3 things I liked plus 2 things I disliked, etc. It’s quite fun to write 😬


  9. I usually write my reviews in large paragraphs giving my opinion in random order, but I love reading reviews which are more organised. I thing separating what you like and dislike is a really efficient way to make a review!


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