Event Recap: PassTruth Tour!

 Event Recap: PassTruth Tour!

As you may have heard, I attended the PassTruth tour stop in Menlo Park at Kepler’s last Friday. The PassTruth tour was authors Susan Dennard and Alexandra Bracken touring to promote their new books: Truthwitch and Passenger! My reviews for both of them will be up soon. I had so much fun at the bookstore, meeting bloggers and Twitter friends and authors. So, I wanted to do a recap here, so you can see what it was like!

I left school early to start driving to San Francisco (I live about 3 hours away. I am a dedicated fan. ;))

We met up with Claire from Blank Slaters at a hamburger restaurant at around 5:50ish, to eat before the event. It was my first time meeting her, and my first time meeting any blogger friend, so it was so much fun!

Then we headed to the bookstore. We saved our spots (which were pretty good) and looked around the bookstore. We ran into Kaitlin from Next Page Please! and chatted for a while, and by then the event was about to start.

Sitting down, we saw that Evelyn Skye, author of The Crown’s Game, was sitting ahead of us, and both got really excited, and wanted to say hi to her to after!

Alex and Sooz came out and started off the event by talking about their newest books. They are so adorable and are so cute together, and just have a fun dynamic that is amazing to watch. They talked for a while, then opened it up for questions.

The questions were typical questions at a signing (What’s your writing process? What was the hardest part of writing your newest books? Do you listen to music while you write? Etc, and so much more.) Their answers were hilarious, and everyone in the crowd was laughing the whole time.

After the Q&A session, they began forming the line for the actual signing. They dismissed us in rows. Claire and I were in the middle, so we had to wait a little while, but it was totally fine. We talked to Kelly for a little while, and explored the store.

Then they called our row, and we got in the line! I was a little nervous, both because I had 9 books for them to sign (oops! Is that too many?…) and because I was so excited! While we were waiting in line, I tweeted at Evelyn, asking where she was, and she came and found us! We chatted for a little while, and took pictures.

It was our turn next!! Claire went in front of me, and met the authors first. Alexandra was in front of Susan, so I met her first. She was super sweet, and signed my 5 (!) books without a complaint. It was really nice getting to meet her, since I’m a huge fan of her The Darkest Minds trilogy, and really enjoyed Passenger. Alex left little messages in all of my books.

Then I moved on to Sooz. She was still signing Claire’s books, and didn’t really notice when I stepped over, and gave her my books. She saw the name to personalize them for, looked up, and saw my Witchlanders necklace I was wearing. Her: “Ava! Ava! You’re Ava! Oh my gosh, I’m so happy to meet you” etc. She remembered me from our conversations on Twitter! She rushed over to give me a hug, and I was basically freaking out.

She was signing my copy of Truthwitch, and made a small mistake, and so she decided to write all over it and make it unique since she’d done that.

It made me so so happy and almost made me cry.

We talked for a while, until the lady in charge had to come over and tell us to speed up. By then, Sooz had still only signed my copy of Truthwitch, and hurried to sign the others. She still left messages in them, and was amazing.

Then we took pictures with them.

We’d been really holding up the line, so I gave hugs goodbye and then we left!

It was such a fun event, and I loved meeting Susan and Alex. Both of them are amazing authors and people, and I highly encourage you read their books!

If you’d like to purchase either of their newest novels, here are the links!


Amazon|Book Depository


Amazon|Book Depository

Are you going to one of the PassTruth tour stops? I hope you have/had fun!

Thanks for reading!



7 thoughts on “Event Recap: PassTruth Tour!

  1. OMG AVA I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOUUU!!! Author hugs are THE BEST HUGS and WOW that looks like it was so much fun!!! I cannot WAIT to meet Sooz, though I won’t get to see Alex with her 😦 That’s okay! SO GLAD that you had so much fun!
    Also EVELYN?! Come that had to have been the best thing ever, you are so lucky AAHHHH!


  2. This sounds like so much fun ❤ I really want to pick up both Truthwitch and Passenger sometime soon 🙂 They sound amazing!


  3. This is such an amazing post Ava! And you’re so pretty ❤ Unfortunately Sooz doesn't have a stop at my local bookstore, but Alex will be coming in February! Now this makes me so excited 🙂


  4. OhmyGod, this looks like so much fun!!! I still haven’t got my hands on either of those books, but I do plan to 🙂 I don’t know what would be more exciting – meeting the authors or meeting my blogging friends!


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