What Are Your Thoughts On Spoilers?

What Are Your Thoughts On Spoilers?

Spoilers… Those dreaded things. Maybe you read a review, and the writer forgot to include a big SPOILERS!! at the top, and you read it and wished you hadn’t. Maybe you read someone’s Goodreads status update that included a spoiler. Maybe someone tweeted a spoiler. Maybe you were browsing through Tumblr at 2 am and saw a spoiler (or is this just me…) But no matter how you were spoiled, the question is: Do you like being spoiled?

Personally, I hate being spoiled. Finding out that a certain character dies or that two characters end up together will ruin my day, and sometimes make me not even want to read the book.

I’ve been very lucky with avoiding spoilers, actually, but it still has happened before.

Someone spoiled the ending of Allegiant for me, another person spoiled The Fault in our Stars, someone spoiled Queen of Shadows for me, another person spoiled Harry Potter for me, someone spoiled Red Queen for me.

It makes me upset, okay? Is it too much to ask to NOT BE TOLD WHAT HAPPENS???

I despise knowing what happens in a book before I read it. I may get mad at a person if they told me, and they might think I’m being unreasonable, but I like being surprised!

But sometimes, it’s my fault I’ve been spoiled. I browse tags on Tumblr, or read reviews on Goodreads. And a lot of times, I read or see something I wish I hadn’t.

If someone includes a *SPOILERS* at the top of their Tweet or review, and I haven’t read that book, I will hurriedly skim past, but sometimes, my eyes will catch on something in that, and I’ll end up being spoiled. That is totally and completely my fault.

I know people that purposefully read the last few chapters of books just so they know what happens at the end. People that ask others to tell them what happened in the book. WHY would you do this to yourself? Doesn’t it take the fun out of reading? Or does it make it better, because you know what to expect?

Hmm. Maybe they do this because they know what type of book they like, and don’t want to waste their time on an ending they’ll hate?

I’m trying to understand you, okay?? I won’t stay in my own bubble of NO SPOILERS and pretend I’m better than you just because I avoid spoilers (although of course I am. I’m just that cool.)

Where do you stand? Do you like spoilers, or, like me, do you hate them?



21 thoughts on “What Are Your Thoughts On Spoilers?

  1. For me it depends on what it is. I hate people who spoil film plots and TV shows before I’ve had a chance to watch them. Someone posted about Star Wars they day I went to see it – I mean I didn’t see the post until I got back but I would have been annoyed if I had seen it before the film. Book spoiler wise if it’s a book I’m not going to finish then I’m not too bothered about spoilers. I guess it also depends on the spoiler. If it’s about 2 people getting together i’m usually fine if it’s a big massive plot twist spoiler that no one expected then I get mad. Great post. 🙂


  2. For me, my opinion on spoilers varies. I know that I hated being spoiled for Allegiant, because I was really looking forward to reading it! But I didn’t so much mind being spoiled with Pride and Prejudice, because it actually gave me more motivation to read it! I also don’t mind being hit with Carry On spoilers, because I’d read a bit of it, and decided I was going to DNF it anyway.
    I guess what I’m saying is – it depends on the book for me!
    Great discussion, Ava! 🙂


  3. I don’t really MIND spoilers? I mean, if I accidentally read one, I’ll just shrug and move on. I haven’t been spoiled a lot accidentally, although I admit there are some things I just don’t care if I’m spoiled (the ending of most contemporaries, for example, or the plot of the Star Wars Rebels cartoons, because I could predict those anyways 20% in). I did read the Deathly Hallows epilogue first and did NOT like it, but I still managed to read the entire book in an afternoon so YAY.


  4. I hate spoilers! THEY ARE MY WORST THING EVEEEEER! I got spoiled about THE WHOLE SELECTION SERIES I’m not even in the mood to read it now 😦 And I also got spoiled about Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars. I also got spoiled about the ending of All The Bright Places on Instagram :((


  5. I absolutely hate spoilers!!! They remove the fun out of reading and what is the purpose of reading a book when you already know the end? I think the main reason why some people want to get spoiled is because they don’t want to read the book or are just too impatient and have to know the end.


  6. When it comes to spoilers, I don’t usually like them, but it depends what it’s for. There have been times when I’ve purposefully spoiled myself, but I don’t know why I enjoy it? I just need to know what happens, and I don’t read quick enough haha! But most of the time I do try to avoid them, like I’ll not read of watch reviews with spoilers in.

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  7. I am the weirdo who LOVES spoilers. I search them out. I ask for them. I read the end of a book first. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN! I don’t know why. I like to look forward to something specific? I like to know I won’t be wasting my time? Mostly, when I see a spoiler, I’m just curious and I end up forgetting it. Later when I read the book I’m like, “OH YEAH /SOMETHING/ GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT I DON’T REMEMBER WHAT!” So I’m okay with spoilers mostly because I have a built in “you didn’t see annyything” button. But the thing is, I’m always in control of when I see a spoiler. I SEEK IT OUT.
    One time tho, I stumbled across a spoiler for The Raven Boys AND I WAS FURIOUS AND SO SAD! I DIDN’T go looking for that spoiler and it TOTALLY spoiled the book because I was currently reading it. In that one and only instance, I felt for my dear friends who hate spoilers. That was such a heartbreaking, soul crushing, bookishly depressing moment 😦
    Now I know tho- I like to be in control of when I see spoilers. If they’re unexpectedly thrust upon me, I get upset.

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  8. I HATE being spoiled 😛 It really makes me not want to read the book and I love being surprised! I was spoiled as well for Allegiant, TFIOS and Harry Potter 😦


  9. Spoilers are EVIL!!! I really hate when I stumble upon a spoiler. But if I am really looking forward to a book, I avoid reading reviews and looking on Tumblr until I finish the book. I know this can be really tough, but I know I saved myself a number of times by doing this. Great post!

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  10. I find it incredibly difficult to write reviews without any Spoilers at all. Sometimes I want to talk about part of a story that I thought was particularly well done, but then it would maybe take away from someone who is reading it for the first time and then isn’t surprised. Or sometimes I think that something is a very obvious choice, but I can never know if that’s just me or general consensus, so I have a hard time knowing what I can write and what not.
    However, I am strictly against giving away the ending itself! Also major plot twists, because that’s just not cool in my opinion. Then again, I am a big fan of teasing parts of a story, hinting at them without saying what exactly is going on.

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  11. If it’s a big spoiler than I mind. Occasionally, my sibs and I will spoil each other about TV shows we watch, but we always know that if anything really big happens we had better keep our mouths shut about it until everyone’s caught up.
    One of my sisters, on the other hand, prefers to be spoiled. Because she doesn’t like surprises. After the Divergent movie came out, she begged me to tell her the ending of Allegiant so she could prepare herself in case anything bad happened.


  12. I might sound weird for saying this, but I really love being spoiled. Sometimes, when an unexplained scene happens and one of my friends has read the book, I can’t help but ask them what happens or why it happened! It doesn’t really make me feel less interested in the book. Actually, it gives me even more anticipation to get to that specific revelation scene.

    And confession time: I purposefully spoiled myself with Allegiant’s ending. And nope, I didn’t get angry at all! I was even more excited to reach that part st the end so I’d know how the rest of the characters in the book would react, or how it will end because of that scene.

    Yep, I’m definitely weird for loving spoilers so much.

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  13. Spoilers are something that could altogether be done away with when it comes to reading books.
    It is the essence of the pages and the urge to not put a book down that entices, for you never know what ‘twist in the tale’ may crop up in the next page – wanting you to read more and more!

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  14. I don’t usually like spoilers because I like reading things for myself and experiencing the book without any outside influence but that becomes hard. But if it’s a popular book with SO much hype, I think it’s probably okay to get a few spoilers; for example, I liked Divergent but I slowly lost interest in the next books so I’m glad I got the spoiler for Allegiant so I don’t have to read the series.

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  15. I have a love/hate relationships with spoilers. I hate being spoiled without warning (which often happens to me on tumblr) but sometimes I can’t help trying to find out what will happen next in a book or a tv show through the internet, because it will be faster than reading the book, or watch all the episodes, but then I will watch it and either be reassured or heartbroken… I don’t know if that makes much sense!

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  16. I do not like spoilers. If a book has just come out, I think a few months needs to go by before spoilers are posted on sites that don’t allow you to blacklist certain spoiler tags.
    I personally will only talk about books on social medias that I know have been out for months/a year. But, If the book came out that day, or even a month ago, I’m not going to be live-posting what happens.
    I was spoiled for All the Bright Places. I had just gotten the book from the library, and then on my twitter page people were talking about what happened. So I returned the book and I honestly have no intentions of reading it now because why bother when I know what happens? It just puts you off…

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  17. I really really don’t like being spoiled, at all, especially -obviously- when it’s a book I really want to read. I try and avoid reading any reviews that might be spoilery, and just don’t Google anything about it until I can finally read the book, but sometimes, you just do nothing and it’s like SPOILERS ARE JUMPING at me on my screen. That’s crazy, and bothering, a lot. I admit it, sometimes when a book bores me or when I can’t handle all the suspense, I’m tempted to read ahead…but I don’t.

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  18. Personally it really depends on what’s being spoiled. If I don’t care that much, or don’t plan on going through with whatever it is (like a book series), I usually look up the end of the story myself. Otherwise I hate being spoiled on something that’s relatively new (a friend of mine spoiled Star Wars in a fb status, I enjoyed watching everyone have a go at him in the comments).

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