Do You Reread Books?

 Do You Reread Books?

I am an AVID rereader. Probably 50% of what I read each year are rereads. (Okay, that’s not true, I pulled that fact out of thin air. Don’t check my Goodreads shelves for proof, because it DOESN’T EXIST.) BUT ANYWAY. I DO reread A LOT of books.

Why, Ava, you might ask, why do you reread so many books? You do know you have a never-ending TBR and thousands of books releasing and ARCs to read, right? Then why are you reading books you’ve already read?

I DON’T KNOW, okay. Rereading is FUN. I know what to expect, and I know that I’ll love the book, and I know that it’s amazing.

One reason I might reread a book is if its sequel is coming out. Since I have the memory of a goldfish, I forget everything.

Example: I’ll read a book. I’ll like it, and look up when the sequel releases. Oh, it comes out a year later? No big deal. But by the time that sequel comes out/is about to come out, I will have forgotten everything that happened in the previous books.

What is this character’s name again? What happened at the end? Where even is this set?

I will not remember a single thing. If I’m lucky, I’ll remember the names of the characters. (But usually, I don’t.)

So, I’ll reread the book (or books) prior to it so everything is fresh in my mind when I read the sequel.

The pro:

I know exactly what and who everything is, and nothing is confusing.

The cons:

Maybe I won’t like it as much as the first one, and I won’t want to read the sequel, and I’ll NEVER END UP READING THE SEQUEL.

And if there is more than two books in the series that I need to reread, that takes time! Precious reading time that could be spent on books I haven’t read yet.

I also reread books that are my favorites.

Harry Potter? I’ve read those books dozens of times. They never get old. My copies are a mess, but you know what? I don’t care. It shows that they’re loved.

I just reread Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (one of my favorite books ever, GO READ IT) and I loved it just as much as the first time I read it. I reread it because I wanted to read it again, but I also reread it so I could write a review on it! I first read Simon before I wrote reviews, and I wanted everything to be fresh in my mind before I wrote my review, so I decided to reread it.

I just love reading those books that I adored so much, and seeing why I loved them. It’s so much fun.

But to write a review is also a reason why I might reread a book. Is this bad? No. I mean, it kind of is, just a little. I’m not reading it for me, I’m reading it for you. (Well, the you that read my reviews, anyway.) So I try not to this that often, or if I want to because of this reason, I’ll make sure that I want to reread it for more reasons than just that.

Do you reread books? Which ones qualify? (ie, do you reread favorite books?)




17 thoughts on “Do You Reread Books?

  1. I don’t reread a huge amount, but I do reread sometimes – usually, like you it’s because it’s a favourite, or because I want to reread before a sequel comes out. Last year 15% of my reading was made up of re-reads, because I reread all of the Harry Potters, and Snow Like Ashes before Ice Like Fire. I also reread The Martian through the audiobook version which was a fun way of rereading. I definitely think I might do more of my rereading via audio because I can listen at the gym or when I’m doing things, and it’s much easier to multitask when I’m listening to something I already know!


  2. EEEP yes I do reread books, actually! Not as much as I would like, in fact. I tend to only reread my absolute favorites when it comes to series and reading before the next one comes out. And I reread standalones a lot more often. Sometimes I like the book less the second time, but I usually only reread the ones I KNOW I’m going to stay madly in love with. 🙂 Great post, Ava! So excited to follow your blooooggg ❤


  3. I reread some books! Thinking about it, before blogging, I reread a good amount of books but post-blogging, I’m rereading less. I think that has to do with the overload of ARCs and how those take priority over rereads or even for-fun books. However, it’s good to take a step back and revisit your roots. It’s actually my plan to finish my reread of Harry Potter this year.


  4. Oh my goodness! I have never ever re-read a book ever XD I am kind of nuts (maybe?) re-reading books doesn’t sound so much fun to me… I’d rather dive into new stories. BUT I am strongly considering re-reading Illuminae and Throne of Glass ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ because let's be real, those books are SOMETHING ELSE :D. But that is a good point, it is fun to remember a book you loved before, to re-read it means to re-expierence how good it was/is. Nice post 🙂 Hope you have a great day!


  5. I’ve only reread three books in my life- To Kill a Mockingbird (because I wanted to read it as an adult); Dream Thieves (because I didn’t get it the first time); Kiss of Deception (because I love it and I know I missed a lot).
    I don’t like to reread for the reasons you mentioned above but I admire those who do.


  6. I loooove rereading books! And sometimes I’d read them before the movie comes out just to refresh my mind, but most of the time I just pick them up because I felt like reading it and experiencing the wonderful feeling again ☺️


  7. I don’t think I’ve ever reread a book :/ I don’t really know why. I think I’ve tried and then remembered everything that happened and got bored. Also, I am scared that when I reread a book I loved the first time, that I won’t enjoy it as much the second time around and that it will ruin my memory about it. Does that make sense?
    Great discussion post!


  8. I’m not that much of a fan of rereading books, mostly because I think it’s a waste of time and that I could have spent those times reading new books than an old one I’ve already tried out before.

    BUT, I understand why you’d want to reread a book so you can refresh your mind on the series for its upcoming sequel though! I’ve never done that before because of the above reason (I mostly just Google it xD), but maybe I’ll try that soon (I remember the time I read Ten Thousand Skies Above You when I barely remembered anything from the previous book. I understood NOTHING from the first few chapters. xD Good thing I recalled almost every info I needed by chapter five, though).


  9. I love to reread! Sometimes I’m in the mood for a certain kind of book, whose flavor I know and love. Other times, constantly reading new books can be a little exhausting and it’s comforting to come back to a book I enjoyed. Harry Potter is DEFINITELY a series I’ll reread over and over. I reread a lot because I don’t have access to a lot of newer books.


  10. I love rereading but I don’t do it enough because of my overwhelming urge to read ALL THE BOOKS. I reread The Handmaid’s Tale every few years and I reread Mosquitoland last month and loved it even more. I would love to reread more. *looks resentfully at massive pile of new books to be read*


  11. Great discussion Ava 😀 I love rereading books because I love going back to the stories that I absolutely loved! Harry Potter is definitely an annual reread for me, I could never get sick of Hogwarts ❤


  12. Omg I totally feel you about the goldfish memory! I have the exact same problem (although lately I’ve been taking notes, it helps) so I reread a lot of the books with sequels due to be published, as well as my favourite comfort books whenever I’m in a reading slump


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