5 Reasons You Might Get Into A Reading Slump and 4 Ways To Get Out Of That Pit Of Despair

 5 Reasons You Might Get Into A Reading Slump and 4 Ways To Get Out Of That Pit Of Despair

AHHHHH. Reading slumps. Those dreadful, dreadful things that most readers experience AT LEAST once in their lifetime (and usually quite a bit more than that). But I, your handy dandy reading slump guide, have come up with lists (because I love lists. THERE’S ALWAYS A LIST.) of things to help YOU.

5 Reasons You Might Get Into A Reading Slump:

1. You just finished a GREAT BOOK and can’t stop thinking about it.

This is also known as a book hangover, and let me tell you: it’s WONDERFUL and awful. On one hand, you read an amazing book that may become one of your new favorites but on the other, YOU ARE NOW IN A SLUMP.

2. Netflix has taken over your life.

Curse you, Netflix! Just kidding. I love you.

But really. Sometimes you just HAVE to binge watch that one TV show. And reading becomes not a priority.

3. You’re in the middle of a book you’re not enjoying.

The book you’re currently reading is slow, and boring, and you hate it. This WILL put you in a slump. Just DNF it! Don’t let it do that to you by forcing yourself to read it.

4. You don’t have the time to read, or you would rather be doing something else.

Why read when you have so much STUFF that you could be doing? You could be blogging, or working, or doing all the things you have to do in your crazy life. Let’s face it, sometimes, we are just BUSY PEOPLE.

5. You’ve been abducted by aliens and so OBVIOUSLY, you’re not reading.

Okay, maybe not the aliens part. If that’s you, I won’t judge…

If you don’t read for a little while, you might get slumpy! Not a good thing.

But if the aliens thing applies to you, take me with, please please please.

4 Ways to Get Out of a Reading Slump

1. Reread a favorite.

Rereading one of my favorite books always works to get me out of a reading slump. You just get immersed in that familiar world, and BOOM! You are out of the slump.

Harry Potter ALWAYS works for me. And I mean always. It’s a fool-proof method for me!

2. Take time off of reading.

Sometimes, you just don’t feel like reading. You dread picking up a book. Don’t force yourself! Watch an episode of that TV show you’ve been wanting to see. Start a new hobby. Go skydiving. I DON’T CARE. Don’t make yourself read if you’re hating it.

This is how I started the TV show Friends (for the first time. I am ashamed of myself.) I was in a reading slump, started season 1… and now it’s an addiction.

3. Read a cute, fluffy contemporary.

Contemporaries (which are books I don’t read as much usually) are PERFECT to get out of a slump.

Jenny Han? Stephanie Perkins? Jennifer E. Smith?

PERFECT. SO PERFECT. And let me, a not as huge fan of contemporaries, tell you: it actually works.

4. Read a book you’re excited for.

Say a book you preordered arrives, and you’re not sure if you should read it because you’re trying to finish the book you’re currently reading (and not liking). DON’T DO THIS.

That book you’re not enjoying? It might put you in an awful reading slump/put you deeper in your hole of readingslumpiness. That’s a word, I swear. BUT, if you pick up the book you’re excited for, you have a higher chance of getting out of that reading slump!

But remember: Sometimes you are just MEANT to fall into a slump. It’s your DESTINY. 

Okay, not really.

But reading slumps are natural things that happen to everyone. Don’t worry, you WILL eventually be out of it. If none of the tips above work, let TIME do the job for you.

What’s a way you’ve gotten out of a reading slump before? What has put you in a slump? Comment below!

Thanks for reading!




14 thoughts on “5 Reasons You Might Get Into A Reading Slump and 4 Ways To Get Out Of That Pit Of Despair

  1. Love this post so much! Your suggestions are so good. I’ve been in a reading slump, especially when it comes to fantasy, and I blame A Game of Thrones – I’m just not enjoying it at all! So I’ve put it to the side for a while and I’m reading things I actually like. So much better!


  2. I really love this post, it’s just so accurate! I get into horrible slumps if I’m forced to read a book I’m not enjoying, OR if I read an amazing book and everything afterwards just pales in comparison. That’s when I go and re-read my favorite sections of The Crown’s Game, Dreamology, and anything written by Leigh Bardugo ^_^ Amazing post!

    Brittany @ Brittany’s Book Rambles


  3. When I’m in a reading slump and I start reading contemporaries it’s all I read. At the start of the the year I went through a reading slump so I started reading contemporaries. I’m currently reading my first (or second) non contemporary book of the year.


  4. Yes, I have been in multiple reading slumps. A few things that help are 1. Reading a different format. So, if I’m not liking the book because reasons, I borrow the audiobook version from the library, OR if I HATE the narrator, I get the ebook/physical version. This has helped me read and love books, I didn’t like in the first format I read. 2. If I’m binge reading a particular genre, I read another. 3. Stop reading and do some coloring! 😀


  5. I always revert to rereads when I am in a book slump. Forcing myself to continue reading ARCs when I’m just not feeling it usually has disastrous consequences where I usually give a slew of 1 star reviews just because I’m so pissed off about not having grieving time after a GREAT book, so I’m in a sulky and uber critical mood…. oops

    I do love reading fluffy contemporaries or some darker, yet inspiring ones to lift me from a slump. Great post!! ❤

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books


  6. First reason is the worst. I hate it when I just finish a really awesome book that you love and you just can’t read another book because you know it won’t be as good!! Great tips, hope anyone in a reading slump will get over it 😅


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