7 Really Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Blog Posts

 7 Really Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Blog Posts

I love reading blogs. There’s so many incredible ones out there, and I’ve noticed that a few of my favorites have a few key things in common. So if you’re looking for a few easy ways to improve your posts, read on!

(Oh, yes, I realize that I’m a bookish/writing related blog. But I also love blogging about blogging, and the fact that maybe one of my posts might help someone with their own blog makes me happy!)

Note: I am not here to tell you how to blog: I am in no way an expert.

1. Use Photos/Better Graphics

Even if you don’t take photos of books or things relating to your posts to use in the post, you can still find photos to use. STOCK PHOTOS. They just make me want to read your posts!

2. Shorter Paragraphs. 

Breaking up the text makes it easier to read posts.

I’m not saying have every sentence be a new paragraph (like this), but shorter paragraphs catch my eye better.

They make it easier to scan a post, but still understand what’s happening. (I’m not saying every person scans, but sometimes people are in a hurry). Big clumps of text are not fun to read. Especially if EVERY paragraph in a post is crazy long… No thanks.

3. Catchy titles!

Instead of having your post titled something like Review: Burning Glass by Kathryn Purdie, title it something that will make your reader want to read your post. For my review Burning Glass, I called it “A Disappointed and Annoyed ARC Review: Burning Glass”. This made people want to read my review so they could see WHY I didn’t like Burning Glass.

If your post is something that might help someone, be specific! Instead of saying “Tips for Bloggers”, if it’s meant for book bloggers, put that in the title! That way you’ll get readers that are interested in your post and might stay to look around more.

Make sure your post title isn’t something unbelievable like “How To Gain 1000 Followers In A Day”, because this is misleading. Even if it’ll make people click on your post, if you don’t deliver with the information you promised, it won’t help you.

4. Easy to read.

If a post is in a font that’s hard to read, or bright text on a black background, it actually HURTS MY EYES to read, and so most often, I won’t read it. This may seem like an obvious thing, but sadly, it still needs to be said.

You want your reader to be able to read your post without straining their eyes. Why would you want to lose a reader or follower immediately after they click on your post?

5. Lists!

You may have noticed, I am a huge fan of lists.

Why? Let’s have a list.

  • They are easy to read. Lists break up the text, making it easy for the eye to scan over words and still get the information.
  • Lists are fun!! (Oh, is it just me who thinks this?
  • They are an easy way to say things. Are you talking about the benefits of one thing over another? A pros and cons list is the way to go! Your favorite books? LIST!

6. Information-filled, long posts.

I realize that not every post (especially on book blogs) is going to be useful or teach me something, but at the least it could be longer and full of information. Why am I going to read a blog post if it’s not going to teach me something?

As you may know, a lot of times your most popular posts are the ones that start with “How To”. People are always googling things, and if your post comes up and is helpful for their topic of need, you may just get a new follower!

Besides, long posts come up in search engines more often than short ones. This is a FACT. If your post is over 1000 words, it has a better chance of being on the first few pages.

7. Spell and grammar check!

I get that you’re not going to catch every mistake, but if evry wird is mispeled it wont mke me liek ur posts. It’s just plain annoying! I won’t continue reading a post if there is a bunch of mistakes.

Is there a thing that comes to mind when you think of easy ways to improve posts, something you would recommend bloggers do? Let me know in the comments! Also, do you like these helpful blogging posts?

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “7 Really Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Blog Posts

  1. I totally agree with the colour/font thing. I remember rowing with people on a forum once over using tiny/pastel coloured fonts. Yes, it might look pretty to you, but it’s just hard to read – especially for people who might be colourblind!


  2. Hahaha I love how much you love lists! I agree about the graphics. It’s much more fun and easy to read posts with some graphics or separator image thingies (if you know what I mean 😂)


  3. This was such a great post idea! I’m always trying to improve my blog so I love finding out what people like, and what catches people’s attention more, so this was really interesting to read 😀 Thank you!


  4. YES YES YES to 1 and 6! Visuals are soooooo important and funnily enough I just posted a super long informative post about taking bookstagrams yesterday XD coincidences, no? Catchy headlines are THE EXCELLENTEST too, especially with so many book blog readers using Bloglovin’!


  5. This is all fantastic advice!! I tend to shy away from really long posts, so that may be the only one I would differ on. But I totally agree that catchy titles, an easy-to-read blog, and fun graphics are a major plus!! I’m all for discussion and advice posts, and I loved this one!! 🙂


  6. I love this post Ava! And I definitely agree on the bright colours on black background sort of thing, my eyes literally can’t handle reading that.


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