4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Very Very Useful for Your Blog

 4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Very Very Useful for Your Blog

Oh, Twitter. I adore you so much, for so many different reasons. I created a bookish Twitter account almost a year ago, I think, and it has helped me so much- ESPECIALLY with my blog.

Twitter is just one of many social medias you can have for your blog, but I think it is the most beneficial.

Notice how I avoided saying Twitter is necessary. It’s not. It IS useful, and I’d recommend you get a Twitter, or at least create one so you can save the name just in case you might want to use it in the future.

Why exactly is Twitter the best thing ever?

Let’s have a list.

1. You can meet so many amazing friends.

Okay, this deserves to be number one. I’ve met almost all, if not all, of my blogging friends not through their blogs, but through Twitter. And these people are so close to me now, it’s crazy that we might not have met otherwise. I have plans to meet these people IN REAL LIFE, and I can’t wait. Bloggers on Twitter are the sweetest, and will welcome new bloggers with lots of love. 

2. It’s a great way to promote your blog.

I receive most of my blog traffic through Twitter! You can add links to your posts, and people will click on them and share them by retweeting for you. It’s a perfect way to spread the word about your blog.

Twitter is how I gain followers and publicity for my blog. I don’t know HOW I could have achieved the followers I have now without Twitter.

3. You can interact with authors and publishers.

I always flail whenever an author or publisher follows me back on Twitter, or if we just have a conversation! These people are my idols, and the fact that I get to talk to them on a daily basis is just incredible. And this could help you with getting your blog noticed or forming connections with publishers.

4. It opens your eyes to so many different things.

Seriously, I’ve learned so much from Twitter. Since it’s a collision of all different people from all over the world, you hear about issues in anything you can imagine. I’ve read-and eventually contributed- to countless amazing discussions. This just helps you become a better person, and could help you become more educated on topics you might talk about on your blog.

Yes, Twitter is amazing. It can quickly get addicting, and I probably spend too much time on there instead of doing important things… oops. But I swear, it’s helped my blog in so many ways.

Do you have a Twitter? Do you think it has been useful for your blog?

Thanks for reading!



17 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why Twitter Is Very Very Useful for Your Blog

  1. Yes to all of this! I don’t have a bookish twitter – I prefer to try and balance my bookish nature with my personal twitter, because it has worked so far for me, but this list resonates with me on EVERY LEVEL.


  2. So true! I’ve had my bookish Twitter before I made my blog. The friends I made on there are who convinced me that I should make actually. The points you make are completely true. It’s not necessary, but it really does help.


  3. Totally agree, Ava! I couldn’t believe how much of my world and perspective opened up after Aentee told me to start a Twitter. And as you have pointed out, I have made so many new friends and talked to authors (which is so cool?!) on Twitter. I love it. c:

    I think it has really helped with my blog too. Even though it’s such a struggle to squeeze an image + blog link + blog’s title + little spiel about it, it makes it sooo much easier to share your posts. And we can all support each other with retweeting. n_n

    So yes, definitely a useful tool for my blog and for personal use. 😀


  4. Oh god I’m always on Twitter haha! I think it’s great for my blog – quite a few of the people I follow/people that follow me are friends on there too, and I think it’s great! Also, I’ve had some tweets from authors and it always gets me really excited 😀


      1. Quite a few now that I think about it…the most recent was yesterday with Holly Bourne. She read my review of her book and tweeted me saying she was glad I enjoyed it! I was fangirling with my friend after that haha 😀


  5. I’ve been using my Twitter a lot and have met so many great people and authors through Twitter chats! I definitely agree that it is super helpful. Great post!


  6. Well, I do have an account, but it’s not for my blog and I write in my own language, so it’s not really that useful for me. Though I have been considering creating another one for my blog, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to manage two separate accounts. You did make some solid arguments, so I’ll surely think about it 😁


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