Do You Tell People About Your Blog?

 Do You Tell People About Your Blog?

I’ve been wondering about this topic for a while now, and finally decided to make a post about it.

Do you tell people, people you know in real life, about your blog?

My parents have always known about my blog and supported it. They knew from the very beginning, because I asked them before starting it to make sure it was okay.

My parents have told my family members about it, and they will read my posts periodically. And then discuss them with me. It’s kind of awkward, but they love what I’m doing and always ask me about ARCs and publishers and things like that.

My closest friends know about it. They think it’s nerdy and a little weird, yes, but still love me the same.

But my parents’ friends? The other people at school? No, I don’t tell them about my blog.

My parents will sometimes tell people about it, and I get a tiny bit upset. I know they’re only doing this because they are proud of me, but still.

Am I embarrassed by it? Heck no! I love this blog and am very proud of it. Everyone knows I like books anyway, so what’s the big deal about the blog?

Well, I like to think of my blog as a place where I can truly be myself and talk about the things I love to people who love them just as much! And if other people knew about it, I might (I hope I wouldn’t, but you never know) edit my posts so they weren’t as weird or nerdy or whatever. I want to be as ME as possible on here, and the idea of changing what I say because people I know in real life might see it honestly scares me.

And I don’t want to be confronted about something I said on here by someone in real life if they don’t agree with me or want to make fun of me. I want nothing negative related to this blog, it’s my happy place.

I shouldn’t be embarrassed about this blog in any way. And if a lot of people found out about it, I think I might be. So I don’t keep this blog a secret, but not everyone knows about it.

What about you? Do you tell people about your blog? Who knows about it?

I’m really interested to hear everyone’s answers to this, so please comment!




21 thoughts on “Do You Tell People About Your Blog?

  1. Interesting perspective! My blog has been limited to only my closest friends for several years although I am finding that I am slowly starting to consider extending it to more people I don’t know as well in real life. Truthfully, I’m not hiding much so there’s little to no reason for keeping it under the radar. I guess its fear of feeling exposed or confronted. But I’m not that worried so not entirely sure why I feel like that.


  2. My close friends and family know. A few coworkers and the odd bookish person I meet, but I don’t share it with everyone. I like that’s it’s mine and I can have an online presence separate from my real life. I can share with like minded people and have my two worlds stay separate.


  3. Even though I started my blog 5 years ago, only a few people around me has known about it. Of course I share it on twitter and even on my tumblr blog, but I don’t let my family or random people around me know about it. In my blog I share all my passions, which are books, languages and cosplay. Most of the people who know me (even if they only have spoke to me once) know that I’m into those things, so I don’t really know why I’m shy to tell my family about it or just share it on Facebook. I do tell people about my blog, I just don’t tell everyone. I’d really like to talk about it with other bloggers so I can know why do I feel this way.
    By the way, I love your blog! 🙂


  4. I actually don’t tell anyone about my blog 😅
    It’s not that I wanna hide it, I just feel more comfortable not talking about it I guess? But it could also be because my blog is still fairly new.


  5. My whole family knows about my blog because I’m pretty proud of it. It’s also nice too that while they know about it, none of them really take the time to read it so I don’t have to worry about being able to be open with my feelings or about whatever I’ve chosen to write about. As for friends, only a couple know about it, including my boyfriend. Most people just wouldn’t care or take the time to read it so it wouldn’t bother me either way. I have posted a link to it once on my Facebook page just to see if I got any response and there was basically zero. The people I know just do not care and frankly, that is totally alright with me haha! I post what I want, when I want, about what I want and I just don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. But that’s just my personality too, I know lots of people worry about that stuff but I’ve just learned to do what I want and to hell with everyone else haha! Great post!!!

    Also, your blog is fabulous and you should never be worried about what people think about it! I love it and I know sooooo many others do too! 🙂


  6. I don’t really flaunt that I have a blog, but if someone asks then I’ll admit. The only people that know I have a blog is my family and some of my closest friends. Other than that, I don’t really tell anyone, lol. Like you, I don’t want anyone coming back to be criticizing what I write/post or say I’m “nerdy” or something. My blog is where I express myself, so if you don’t like it, leave, lol. But overall, I am not afraid of people seeing my blog.. Great discussion! 🙂

    -Jess @jbelkbooks


  7. I definitely agree with you! Your blog should be a happy place, and you shouldn’t have to worry about what people in real life would think, or how it could make you edit posts. I kind of worry about the same things. The only person I’ve actually told about blogging is my bestie and although she’ll tell me I’m strange and such a nerd, I know she doesn’t actually judge me for it (we just like to say mean things to each other). But I don’t really feel comfortable sharing it with everyone in my life because I don’t think they’d understand it, I guess. Thanks for bringing this up!


  8. I’m with you on this one. Both my parents know I have a blog (they think it’s cool but don’t really read it much). However, sometimes it gets awkward when someone at school finds out I have a blog. Or when IRL people find my blog when I didn’t want to share it with them. It’s a part of me that isn’t really attached to the rest of my world, if that makes sense. In the blogging community, I don’t have to edit myself like I do in public, and there’s a lot more people like me. If a lot of people who I know IRL suddenly found and read my blog, it’d be a little uncomfortable.


  9. I don’t tell that I have a blog though my parents and friends knew because they see me posting some book reviews. I don’t really say anything about it unless they asked me. 😊 Great post btw!


  10. This is a great discussion post! I completely agree with you – my blog is a place where I can fully be myself, so I’m not very open to sharing it with people I know in real life since I don’t want to change what I write if I have that in the back of my mind.

    The only people who know I have my book blog are my boyfriend and my best friend. I’m considering telling more friends once I become more established, but I’ll see how I feel about it when the time comes.

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  11. I’m the same way! Only my family knows about my blog. I don’t know anyone else who loves books so I haven’t wanted to share it because it’s very personal to me. I’ll tell some people eventually, but I’m not ready to yet.


  12. I don’t tell anyone but my sister about my blog actually! I guess not everyone knows about the blog, because it’s my secret place away – I’m not embarrassed in any way, it’s just that it’s nice to get a bit of solitude and have my own place, you know? 🙂


  13. My parents are the only people who know and only becausz they saw me writing on my laptop one day and asked 😂 They’re really proud that I am doing something with all the things that I read, plus I am not too worried about them reading it because their english is pretty basic, though sometimes my mom takes a peek and asks me to explain stuff that she didn’t understand. Other than that, I don’t tell anyone, not even my best friend (though I think I might tell her soon) because I like to think of the blog as my diary and I can be as weird and dorky and me as I want and no one cares and I feel like people won’t understand so why waste my time explaining ?


  14. I used to be really shy about telling people about my blog. I was worried what they’d think abuot it or that they’d judge me upon it. But ever since last year, I tell everyone. Then I shortly regret it and try to dissuade them from actually visiting and then I compose myself again. I am super proud of the accomplishments on my blog, so I share it. Seen as I would like to work in marketing one day, I even mention it at work and at interviews (cautiously), because it is such a big part of my life.

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