Why You Should Definitely Be Commenting, Commenting, Commenting!


Why You Should Definitely Be Commenting, Commenting, Commenting!

This post is split into two parts: one, talking about how you should comment back if someone comments on your blog, and two, why you should be commenting on other blogs. These things can greatly help your blog, and if you do them together, well, you’re doing amazing! It’s not just a “do this to make your blog better”, in my opinion. You should be doing these because it’s a nice thing to do.

Part One: You should be commenting back!

When someone comments on your blog, you should try to respond. Someone took the time to respond to your post with their opinion, and you should reply to them. I understand it can get overwhelming, especially when there are a lot of comments to go through. But doing this will help your blog succeed. Why?

You are developing a relationship with someone who enjoyed your post enough to comment. This person is more likely to return to your blog, so why not thank them for it by replying! You can have a whole conversation in the comments, and it makes you seem more like a real person than just a blog.

Part Two: You should be commenting on other blogs!

Don’t you just love receiving a meaningful comment on a blog post you worked hard on? It makes you happy, doesn’t it? By commenting on other blogs, you can make others feel that same way.

Seriously, I love receiving comments. To me, a meaningful comment is better than a bunch of pageviews. I’d rather have a small number of loyal followers that comment than a lot of followers who don’t care about my posts.

Commenting on other blogs does a lot, not just for the person whose blog it is, but for you as well!

It can spark up a friendship. I’ve had whole conversations in the comments of a post, and that started a friendship between me and that person.

It can lead that person to visit your blog in return and maybe comment on one of your posts! Boom. You’re getting more visitors, they are getting more visitors: It’s a win-win situation!

A note: Be sure that you are leaving MEANINGFUL comments. Not just a “Nice post! Check out my blog!” type of comment. That won’t help you at all, and might even annoy that person. If it’s a discussion, say if you agree or disagree with their opinion (nicely!). If it’s a review and you’ve read that book, tell what you thought about it! If it’s a guiding or helpful post, and it helped you, say it! Leave comments that actually could start a conversation.

You have the chance to gain a lot by doing a simple thing: why not take ten minutes and respond to comments and comment on other blogs?

I understand that it CAN be time consuming, but it will help your blog. Commenting back and commenting on other blogs is just an option, but one that I personally think everyone should try to do!

Do you comment back or visit other blogs and comment? Do you think it has helped your blog in any ways?



27 thoughts on “Why You Should Definitely Be Commenting, Commenting, Commenting!

  1. I totally agree with you. I really appreciate comments on my blog because they mean way more than a like. Not saying I don’t love getting likes but you don’t actually have to spend some time on writing on others blog. Thanks so much for the tips!


  2. Yes I love to comment and comment back! And by this I mean meaningful comments. If a new commenter stops by my blog, I try tk look for a post on their blog that interests me and that’s where I leave my comment.

    I also love to get responses to the comments I make on the blogs I comment on, even though they don’t take time to visit my blog. The fact that they responded to me makes me happy and sometimes, full convos follow.

    I usually don’t comment on reviews as much tho. But I do read reviews… 😊


  3. Commenting is great… I once had a comment conversation that involved unicorns and hot chocolate and Australia. And my blog shows the number of comments next to the post, so… O.o (And she ended up having the last comment anyway. Oops.)


  4. Comments mean quite a lot to me. When someone likes my post, I kinda shrug a bit. I’m still happy that they took the time to like it, but it isn’t as meaningful as a comment. In April, I’m trying to comment more on people’s posts because I know it probably makes their day like it makes mine 🙂


  5. I definitely agree with everything you said! I always comment back, even if it’s just one sentence. I also try my best to visit everyone’s blog and comment on their posts. Admittedly, I sometimes just don’t know what to say. There are posts like that, but generally I am trying to give back as much as I can, because as you said, it means a lot to me as well when someone leaves a meaningful comment on my blog. I have made some real friends through this and I wouldn’t want to miss them from my life now for anything!

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    1. It can be hard to comment back to comments you receive, but we do our best! 😉 And I really need to try to visit more blogs and comment, and hopefully it makes their day like it makes mine! Yes, online friends are the BEST. They’re not even “online friends” to me anymore, they’re actual friends that I adore! It’s amazing that I met them through blogging.

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      1. Right? I feel weird calling them my online friends too sometimes, because I talk to them more often than some people who are not online and I would hate to ever loose any of them.


  6. Love this post! I agree. I love receiving comments and I try to comment back. And I love to read and comment on other people’s blogs! It’s so nice to have someone take an interest and give their opinion xx


  7. I really really love to comment on other people’s blog because, you may have noticed, I talk a lot. That’s why I always have something to say 🙂 I also like to give my opinion on things that the blogger talks about on his/her blog to start a conversation 😀


  8. I like commenting on posts when I actually have something to say because obviously it’s better to receive a meaningful comment! 🙂 And I think one of the greatest parts of book blogging is actually sharing your opinion on books with others, which is why comments are so important… But you said it perfectly in your article!


  9. I try to respond to comments but sometimes I don’t have time but I do read all of them! I hate to ever make anything blog related feel like a chore so if I’m not in the mood to sit, staring at my computer then I totally skip on commenting. I know, I know it’s bad but I’m afraid to make something feel like I HAVE to do it you know? I do love visiting blogs, reading and commenting but it goes in waves for me. I guess I’m a mood reader, blogger and commenter. I agree that communicating with the community is what makes it so much fun. I’ve met some incredible people via commenting and Twitter.


    1. I completely agree with what you said about being a mood commenter! It’s hard when you have hundreds of comments to go through and respond to… But I try to get to every one. 😉 And I don’t want it to feel like a chore either! You said it perfectly. Blogger people are the best people!


  10. So much agreement from me here! I always try to comment back, and visit their blog in return–sometimes, this is just to follow them if I don’t see a post that immediately grabs my attention (I keep an eye out for future posts that DO, that I can then comment on). Often, though, I click around and find something that I just HAVE to comment on while I’m there.

    I have made several meaningful blogging friendships this way, and it lets me be even more “zany me” than I am in my blog posts…which either scares people off or, more often, tells them “Hey, yeah, this person is WEIRD and I can get behind that!” XD

    But really, commenting is great.


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who loves commenting! I try to always comment back as well, but I need to get better at visiting their blog. I’m sure commenting there would make them as happy as I was when I received their comment! I’ve made a lot of amazing friendships as well, and I try to be myself in my blog posts, like you said, you could find a kindred weird spirit!

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      1. Yes, exactly! I know what you mean though–sometimes it gets hard to find time to do all the things we WANT to (like visiting blogs in return). Really, so long as we’re all having fun and doing what makes us happy, it’s all good…right?!


  11. I definitely agree with you. Commenting is so important, because, when you get comments, you feel like your opinion matters. Blogging really isn’t really great without all the interactions we can have in comments. I love commenting back on bloggers, and I spend as much time blogging as I do commenting back and trying to comment on new blogs. I can say that it helped my blog and helped me gain comments, but what’s more important is that it helped me gain interaction, FRIENDS, and loads of fun. Commenting and sharing is what makes blogging so much fun 🙂 Great post!


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