How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

 How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

Blog post length is a thing that varies greatly from blog to blog. You’ll come across blogs that tend to have shorter posts, and blogs that have longer posts. I’ve seen discussions and questions from new and experienced bloggers alike talking about post length, so I decided to write a post about it.

There is no set length that your blog posts SHOULD be. It’s a matter of personal preference. I try to write longish posts, around 1,000 words. That may seem long to you, who writes shorter, 300 word blog posts.

It really doesn’t matter how long your posts are, as long as they are quality and leave the reader with new knowledge or ideas or tips or entertain the reader or ANYTHING. 

BUT it’s proven that longer blog posts come up on search engines more. So if that’s a goal for you, maybe try writing longer posts!

I like blog posts that are long enough to explain something or fully discuss the topic, and short enough so it isn’t just rambling on and on. So that’s what I try to write.

If you get the point of the post across in 300 words, that’s great! You don’t need to ramble on and on to reach that 1,000 word count. Yes, I like longer, information filled posts, but that doesn’t mean I want meaningless content. If I’m getting bored with your post, I’m not going to finish reading it.

If you want to write longer posts but don’t want to have it seem like a novel-length post, try breaking it up with headings, or short paragraphs! Varying your paragraph length can make it easier on your readers’ eyes.

I like short posts when they’re quality! If I get the main idea even though the post is shorter, I’m happy. I just don’t want short, filler posts that you write in two minutes when you have to have a blog post for the next day. 

Do you write shorter or longer posts? Which do you prefer reading? How long do you think blog posts should be?

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20 thoughts on “How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

  1. I much prefer longer posts (with substance, of course) — it’s just kinda hard to write a comment when the post only has one point and some elaboration. *shrugs* I tend to write longer posts, too, like 1000+ words, and the average read on the posts are normally 100%, so yay! There are some blogs that rock short posts, though, like Ava Jae’s Writability!


  2. I completely agree with you. As long as the content is good, I don’t mind reading long posts either. My posts usually reach up to 750 words, and I make sure that the topic has been clearly explained and is on-point. Especially in the case of book reviews, when we have to explain why we liked or disliked the book, but on the other hand, not make it seem like we’re just rambling (1000+ words). As long as the review is detailed and well written, I’ll definitely read it.


  3. I personally tend to write a lot on my blog posts. Especially book reviews! Most of them could reach up to 1000 words because I just have so many things to say about the book.
    I totally agree about how it doesn’t really matter. But I personally prefer reading well-written and in-depth blog posts, even though it might be a little too long. 😊


  4. The length of my posts depend on the topic. If it’s a book review, my posts aren’t usually that long because I try my best to keep my reviews completely spoiler-free, and there’s not much to say about a book that makes it spoiler-free. My book discussions on the other hand tend to be on the longer side because I talk about my more in-depth thoughts on the book, including spoilers. And then I have my discussion posts (Thursday Thoughts) than ranges in size based on the subject since while some are pretty straightforward and don’t need to be dragged on, others include anecdotes and examples of where I thought of the discussion topic.

    I love this discussion post! 🙂


  5. I honestly don’t aim for a certain number of words when I write. However, I tend to write quite long posts. A thousand words on average maybe, but that’s just how much I say when I feel like I got my point across and I think I covered all wanted to discuss. I didn’t know that longer posts tend to show up more in search engines though! Great trivia!


  6. I agree, there really shouldn’t be a set length! I haven’t really thought about it until now though, so now I’m interested to see how long my posts are compared to other people… Great post 🙂


  7. I don’t actually aim for a certain word length, but I think my posts end up on the long-ish side. I agree that the goal is to provide information, and I think it can be challenging, though not impossible, to do that in a very short post. That said, some readers don’t have patience for longer posts, so subheadings can help break it up.


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