How To Read More

 How To Read More

You’re probably here at my blog because you love to read. Big surprise: I like to read too! I like to think of myself as a mediumly fast reader- I read 7-10 books a month, and 100+ books a year. I’m not stating these facts to brag about my “reading skills”, because I am not a reading goddess! I mean, there are people that read 300 books a year, which seems crazy to me, but maybe to you, 100 books is crazy.

This post isn’t going to tell you how to actually make you read FASTER, because everyone has a unique reading speed, and you’re not “more” of a book lover if you read more or less books than others. Instead, I’m going to list ways you can read more, because so many people have asked me this, both in real life and online.

Read between classes.

I understand that if you have 5 minutes between classes like I do, it’s hard to read. But if you have thirty minutes until your next class, pull out your book and read instead of going on Twitter.

Make reading a priority.

Instead of spending ten minutes on your phone, read! This is like what I said in the last tip. You probably go on your phone a lot (I know I do). Instead, you could be using that time to read! I know that ten minutes might not sound like a lot, but it can really add up. Or, if you’re watching Netflix and finish an episode and want to watch another, consider reading instead! If you do three ten minute chunks throughout the day, that’s already 30 minutes more.

Read before bed.

I do most of my reading right before bed. It calms me down, makes me happy before going to sleep. It also makes me fall asleep faster. Besides, even though it’s hard, studies have shown that being on your phone right before bed is not healthy. If you replace that phone time with a book, woooo! You’re being healthier and getting more reading time in.

Bring a book everywhere.

I mean EVERYWHERE. Even places that you think, Oh, I won’t have time to read, do it anyway. I do this, and it surprisingly helps a lot.

Don’t force yourself, but push yourself.

If it’s two o’clock in the morning and you’re holding your eyelids open to keep reading (okay, slight exaggeration), that’s not good. You don’t want to force yourself to read, you just want to push yourself as much as you can. Reading is for fun, it’s a hobby, it’s something you should do if you like it. Don’t make it not enjoyable for yourself!


Audiobooks are perfect if you don’t have much time to read. You can listen to them on your way to work or school… There are a lot of amazing books narrated fabulously that you might love!

Download the kindle app on your phone and read ebooks.

I personally read ebooks so much faster than physical books, although I still don’t like them as much. Maybe this could work for you too! Plus, you won’t ALWAYS have a book with you, but usually you have your phone, so you could get reading time in easy!

Read books you know you’ll love.

If you have a favorite genre that you know you love, read books from there, or books that appeal to you! It’ll just help you not pick up books that might not be your style.

If you’re not enjoying a book, don’t keep reading.

DNF. Do-not-finish. Don’t force yourself to read a book you’re hating- it’ll just go slower and keep you from reading more! DNF-ing is not bad AT ALL.

I hope these tips might help you with reading more! I know that I’ve used a lot of them recently, and they definitely help me read more books.

How many books do you read a month? Are you happy with that speed, or do you wish you could read more?

Thanks for reading!



39 thoughts on “How To Read More

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  2. For me I totally read before bed and throughout the day! I pretty much read physical books BECAUSE I get through them faster since I bring them EVERYWHERE. Ebooks? Well, my school is pretty strict, so phones aren’t always allowed in the open! (URGH STUPID HIGH SCHOOL) 10 minute chunks TOTALLY add up, because I read books over 2-3 hours and 10 minutes is like 10% of that!


  3. Wow, you seem like a pretty fast reader! I totally agree with these–reading between classes is one I definitely do, especially now that we’re in university. I bring a book with me EVERYWHERE. Even to my cousins’ houses… hey, if I can get some reading done…

    I also really want to try more audiobooks. I just want more!! I can do the laundry and read, cook and read… They’re just so versatile!

    This is such a great post. I definitely push myself to read, but honestly, there are moments where I go on Twitter instead. Which is not. Cool. (Unless it’s for a twitter chat 😉 )

    Again, great post. You always have the most amazing discussions. 🙂

    Sasha @ The Writing Duo


  4. I love reading before going to sleep too! It’s like a ritual. Hahaha! My day wouldn’t be complete with a few minutes allotted to reading, I read 5-7 books a month and I am not yet satisfied with that. I want to read more. I can’t keep up with my tbr. Hahaha!


  5. oh oh these are WONDERFUL tips and I totally love them! And I do a lot of them already…which is probably why I get so much reading done. XD Plus I don’t watch TV barely ever, and that honestly frees up a ton of time to read. (Omg, I read much faster with ebooks too?!? But I generally enjoy a physical book better. So it’s a hard one. 😂) I read about 20 books a month and I’m aiming for 200 books for this year. Last year I did hit 300 but I was stressing out trying to reach that rather ludicrous goal. I’d rather be a BIT calmer about my reading and still have time to, like, breathe or other mundane things. 😉
    I loved this post, Ava!! 😀


    1. Well obviously YOU don’t need them, reading goddess! I am in AWE of your reading skills. But I’m glad you enjoyed this post! I watch too much TV, oops, and so that takes away from my reading time… And yes someone who agrees with me about the ebook thing! It’s so weird but I don’t like ebooks so I always read physical books. Good luck with your reading challenge! I think it’s good you lowered your goal so you’re not stressing about it. 😉


  6. Those are actually really helpful tips, not that I ever doubted you, but I couldn’t quite picture what you would tell us hahaha
    I am still not sure about audiobooks, I want to try them, but I am not sure I am a huge fan of those. The only time I’ve listened to some were when I was little.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. My goal at the moment is not actually read more books but read better quality books. I read waay more three years ago than I do now.
    I used to read everywhere and at anytime, even for five minutes between class. But I don’t do that anymore since I always feel like I don’t really get immersed in the book as much as when I read for a whole 15 minutes or more. So nowadays, although I do bring my books wherever I go, I mostly just read at home where I can really focus and read for a longer stretch of time. As a result I read less total books, but I feel like I remember and really get into the zone of the books rather than when I read more books but immediately forget about it in 1-2 years since they’re read while I wasn’t 100% concentrating 😁


  8. Wonderful tips! I definitely read before bed. and bring a book with me everywhere I go – I agree they’re really helpful ways to read more. I think I read about 10 books a month? Maybe 15? Something along those lines, so I’m pretty happy with that. But things have a tendency to get busy again eventually so I’ll have to think about a lot of your other tips as well 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  9. Love love this!! I haven’t been reading at all and this gave me ideas to start putting more effort into actually picking up books and reading them. My problem is that I buy books and I don’t get excited for them and they rot on my shelves which is terrible. I will go by these tips. Thank you for sharing. This really helps♥

    Jumana @ Books by Jay


  10. These tips 💞

    I wholeheartedly agree, especially with the last one. It took me forever to realize that DNFing a book was okay. I’m better now, I know when I’m going to like a book – I can tell after the first few chapters. Putting it down doesn’t hurt as badly : )

    On the other hand, reading before bed is a big no-no for me. If I read before bed, then I won’t ever go to sleep 🤓 JUST ONE MORE CHAPTER… Oh look… All gone ❤️

    Amazing post, by the way 😘


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, it took me a while to actually DNF a book, instead, I would say, oh, I’ll pick this up again later. But now I actually put them down. Haha, I can definitely agree with the reading before bed thing: it can be hard to put down an amazing book!


  11. I love this post, Ava! My speed is actually extremely similar to yours, and I tend to average 2 or 3 books a week. I also find reading while traveling is a great thing – especially if you’re on a bus/train/plane as I don’t know about you but I’m likely to get carsick if reading too long in a car! Another good tip is taking books to conventions or events (or anywhere you’re likely to be queuing, really. I always find that helps!


  12. I read around 3 books a month. So 100 books a year is a crazy challenge. My challenge is 50 books, and I’m 3 books behind. But oh well, I don’t really care about the amount of books I read as much as I care about the quality of what I read.
    Wonderful post! ❤


  13. The amount of books I read in a month depends on many different factors (how much homework I have, how long the books I read are, etc). But I usually read 4-8 books a month. I usually read about 80 books a year.


  14. I read 6-7 books a month which I’m really happy about. Last year I only read 2-4 books a month but after joining the book community my motivation to read has grown so much. And great tips they help me a lot! 🙂


  15. My pace is actually same as yours, I read around 7 or 8 books a month which I think is good but not extraordinary 😀 and I’m fine with it as I want to enjoy the books and not fly through it, if that’s the time that it takes me then I’m fine with it 😀


  16. This year, on an average I read about 20 books a month. I honestly don’t know how I read that many. I’m happy with my speed, but with good books that I know are simply amazing, I’m aiming to read slower and absorb everything properly.


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