Do You Have The Time To Start A Blog?

 Do You Have The Time To Start A Blog?

Are you wanting to start a blog but don’t know if you’d have the time? In this post, I’m going to be talking about how much time maintaining a blog ACTUALLY takes, so you can think about if it’s really an option for you. Even if you already have a blog, this post can be useful, because I talk about some ways to make these take less time!

Normally, I am constantly saying “If you like talking and writing about books, start a blog!” etc etc. Blogging has been one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I’m so glad I start blogging. But today, I’m not here to talk about why you should start a blog. Instead, I want to talk about why you shouldn’t.

I know, I know! It’s weird. But I wanted to get serious and really talk about how much time and effort a blog takes. Because it’s a lot.

Blogging isn’t a job, it’s a hobby, and it should stay that way. If you don’t have the time, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and stressed, and post sporadically and hate it, so why would you even start one in the first place?

People have busy lives. We all do! It honestly is really hard to manage a blog AND keep up with all other things life brings. School, work, homework, sports, activities, etc… It’s hard to do THAT, let alone keep up with a blog on top of it!

I’ve tried to break down blogging-related tasks I do and include the time it takes. Of course, this is just me, not every blogger, so you might take a shorter amount of time or more time!

Coming up with post ideas

For me, actually coming up with post ideas is harder than writing the posts, but it IS a lot less time-consuming. I just brainstorm topics I’ve been thinking about until one morphs itself into an idea. This doesn’t take a specific amount of time because mostly my ideas come to me randomly, while I’m in the middle of doing something else! Only sometimes will I actually sit down and brainstorm.

Writing blog posts

On my blog, I try to post every other day, which is 3-4 posts a week. Each post can take between 15-60 minutes to write, which is including formatting, taking or finding pictures, and creating graphics.

Promoting blog posts

Promoting that blog post doesn’t take very long, because you can schedule tweets using Hootsuite. If you’re promoting your posts on Instagram, however, it might take longer because it takes time to take quality photos that relate to your post.

Spending time on social media

Being on social media, like Twitter, just to talk to other bloggers, can be a short time or a long time depending on you. I personally spend too much time on Twitter, but if you manage yourself, it shouldn’t be too bad.

Replying to comments

Replying to comments can take a while, but as I said in this post, I definitely think you should. I like to set aside a day each week to just go through my comments for the week, and this can sometimes take up to an hour.

Replying to emails

I have a weird love of checking emails. But replying to them can take time, no matter if it’s an author wanting you to read their book, a publisher wanting to send you a book, a client that has a question. Instead of replying to each one as it comes, you should pick a time to respond to all of them at once, which will save time. I really need to work on this.

Cross-posting reviews to Goodreads and Amazon

I am the absolute worst at this, but I’m working on it. Cross-posting your reviews is when you take your review you’ve written and copy and paste it to sites like Amazon and Goodreads. It can REALLY help the author if you do this, so PLEASE do it as much as you can. If you have a lot of reviews you haven’t cross-posted, it can take time, but if you cross-post each time you post a review, it can be really easy.

Do you have the time to start a blog? Have you ever felt overwhelmed or stressed with your blog, or thought of quitting because it takes too much time? How often do you post on your blog?

Thanks for reading!



9 thoughts on “Do You Have The Time To Start A Blog?

  1. I am so bad at scheduling posts it’s something I really need to get better at. I agree about blogging being a hobby it’s got to be something you love doing otherwise you just won’t love it enough to keep going with it. This was such a great read and I need to learn to reply to emails 2 days a week instead of whenever I have a spare couple of minutes. The rushed result is never the best.


  2. I admit I’ve reached the time when I felt so stressed with keeping up with comments and promoting my posts. Then again, I don’t think I’ll ever be leaving the blogging community anytime soon. It’s become somewhat of an important factor in my life and I’d like for it to be part of my life for a long time, if not forever. 🙂 Plus, no matter how stressful it can get, it’s still a fun place to be in! 😀


  3. This is really interesting, in fact I’ve been thinking of doing a similar post to this for a while…a lot of people look at the positives of running a blog, so sometimes it’s good to sit back and look at the reality, too.


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