How To Get More Views On Your Reviews And Why They Aren’t As Popular As Other Posts

 How To Get More Views On Your Reviews And Why They Aren’t As Popular As Other Posts

Most book bloggers agree: Reviews are our least popular posts. Even though that’s how book blogs started, (for me at least) they barely receive any views compared to my other posts. Discussions, memes, tips… Anything is more popular than a review. Why? I’m not sure. But I do have some tips on how to make your reviews more interesting and get more views and traffic on them.

I’ve seen a lot of people hating writing reviews lately, and sometimes, I can be one of them. Why put time and effort into a post if no one reads it? It is difficult, but if you take some of my suggestions, you might feel re(view)-energized! (Sorry, sorry, I had to. I hope you understood that, or this will just be embarrassing. I’m cracking myself up, at least.)

Why your reviews aren’t as popular as your other posts:

They have boring titles.

If your review is titled “Review: [Book Name] by [Name of Author]” people are much less likely to click on it. It’s not interesting! It doesn’t make people want to read it. There is nothing wrong with titling your reviews this way, but it may be a factor contributing to why your reviews aren’t as popular.

People may not have read that book yet.

If it’s a new release or ARC, a lot of people might not have had the chance to read it, and don’t want to spoil it for themselves. Even if your review is non-spoiler, a lot of times they won’t take the chance of being spoiled and will just avoid it altogether.

Your reviews all sound the same.

Sometimes, if you’re ALWAYS talking about books you loved, they can start to get repetitive. “I loved these characters! The writing was gorgeous! The plot was perfect!” Yes, you may have felt that way for each book, but it can get boring. Throw in a negative review if they’re mostly positive, or vice versa!

How to get more views on your reviews:

Catchy titles!

Like I said above, a catchy title will catch people’s attention better than a not-so-interesting one.

Spice up your review style.

If you normally do long paragraph typical style reviews, mix it up!

Here are different styles of reviews you could try:

A 5 Reasons to Read/Avoid [name of book] review

A buddy review, where you and a friend discuss it!

A letter to a character

A GIF review! Sum up your thoughts mostly using GIFs. While I don’t write these types of reviews, they are so fun to read.

A group recommendations post. 5 Books YA Fantasy Readers Will Love, 10 Books To Read If You Love Divergent and The Hunger Games…

A list review. Separate into pros and cons of the book, what you liked and what you didn’t, etc. I love writing list reviews because they are so much faster, and I love reading them for the same reason.

There are countless ways to spice up your reviews and try a different style.

Add images to your reviews.

I always love to include pictures of the book I’m talking about in my post. It breaks up large chunks of texts and is so visually pleasing.

How do the views on your reviews compare to your other posts? How do you make your reviews stand out? Do you wish your reviews got more traffic? Do you like writing reviews?

Thanks for reading!



18 thoughts on “How To Get More Views On Your Reviews And Why They Aren’t As Popular As Other Posts

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  2. These are some really amazing tips, Ava! I used to name my reviews “[Adjective] and [Adjective]: [Name of Book] by [Author]” but stopped for some reason. Not entirely sure why. But maybe I’ll get back to that! I never really thought about writing a letter to a character, either. That definitely seems interesting.

    Oddly enough, reviews tend to get the most views on our blog. (I know, weird, right?) I think usually because they’re newer, hotter releases, and people want to know whether or not they’ve been enjoyed or not. I think also the fact that we keep all our reviews non-spoiler-y adds to that. But this is still a very enlightening, eye-opening post! You’ve always got great insight and discussion posts! ❤

    Sasha @ The Writing Duo


  3. I love the advice in this post. It was like a dose of “tough love.” I am going to try to mix things up with my reviews (and post more consistently for one thing!) and try posting ARC reviews closer to the publishing date OR shortly after it’s published. Great advice!


  4. I agree that often book reviews get fewer views simply because people haven’t heard of the book or haven’t read the book yet. A lot of people are really invested in avoiding spoilers and will not read about books they have not read yet, no matter how you format your review.


  5. Oh wow! These are some great tips, and I’m definitely going to try them when I write my next review. Changing up your review style and giving your posts unique titles are really clever ideas. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤


  6. I title all my reviews the same for archiving purposes on my Index page. I think it goes both ways though. Titling all your post as “5 reasons why to read __” can also get monotonous too i think over time–but it is more exciting than “Book Review A” for sure.

    But great tips nonetheless!


  7. I love writing reviews, this is the reason why I started my blog, and I still enjoy it a lot. I realise I always end up saying the same thing when I enjoyed a book, which is why I’m starting to read books that are a bit different and out of my comfort zone! I think my reviews get a bit less traffic than other posts (like bookish memes and tags) but it really depends. 🙂 Thanks for the advice!


  8. i DO think reviews get less views than other posts like tips and other similar posts. but i think that if it’s a very popular/anticipated book, it will get some views, not as much as the other posts, but it will get some views and feedback.
    to be honest, i LOVE writing reviews. i LOVE to put my thoughts on a certain book. that’s why i post quite a lot of reviews.
    i love your tips! i also shared some ways to “rock your reviews” and i haven’t thought of most of these! amazing post!! ❤


  9. My reviews are pretty normal on titles but honestly, I don’t see that it’s getting way less traffic than other posts. They’re actually one of my good ones.
    While writing reviews, I tend to ass commentary or italised sentences that represent thoughts. I add in bullets about characters, quotes and extracts to deviate from the monotonous view.


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