What Do You Think Of Owning Multiple Editions Of Books?

What Do You Think Of Owning Multiple Editions Of Books?

I love having more than one edition of my favorite books, but I know that some people think it’s unnecessary for various reasons.  I wanted to make a post discussing both sides, so here we are!

Take Harry Potter, for instance. I have the original US Edition as well as the new UK one. I want to have ALL OF THEM. It’s not just a book, it’s a collection. Harry Potter is my favorite series, and so I collect different editions! But what about if it’s not collecting? What do you think of receiving an ARC and then buying a finished copy once it comes out? Let’s discuss!


You have a collection.

If it’s a favorite book, I like to have as many editions as I can. The ARC, UK, Hardcover, Paperback… I am forever in search of VE Schwab ARCs to complete my collection, just because I adore her books so much.

You can support an author you love.

If it’s your favorite author, don’t you want to support them by buying more of their books? It really helps them out, and you get another book out of it!

You can read/lend one copy and have the others look nice and neat.

My friends like to borrow my books. A lot. And they don’t treat them as well as I do, so sometimes they come back looking a lot worse than they did before. As a person who likes their books in perfect condition, this is perfect for rereading or lending books.

It looks really pretty.

Sometimes the UK covers are better looking than the US, and having all the editions together looks really beautiful on your shelf.


It’s expensive!

Books cost money. Lots of it. Why would you spend money on a book you already own if you could get a new book you’ve never read before instead? You could discover a new favorite, instead of just having a new copy of an old favorite.

They take up precious shelf space.

My shelves are already overflowing, so why stuff them more with books I already own? Seriously, although it may seem silly, I have almost no room on my shelves. I need a new bookshelf.

What do you think of having multiple copies of the same book?

Thanks for reading!



18 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Owning Multiple Editions Of Books?

  1. Wow.. so many in the same boat as me collecting Harry Potters like a maniac. I have one HB and one PB of all 7 books. I think I;m gonna collect one HB of all 7. It never hurts to keep multiple copies of gems like Potter. Also, what if I ruin my copy while being used when travelling. What if they wear with time? That’s why. Call me crazy but I feel no shame or guilt in collecting so many copies of HPs. This doesn’t hold true of any other book at all. I might collect more of LOTR and The Hobbit if I like them enough. Currently reading The Hobbit.


  2. I sort of have this with Overseas by Beatriz Williams. I own a digital version, a hardback that I got at V-Stock for $4 and the original paperback version for less than $4 on eBay. There is a newer paperback with a different cover out but I am not a huge fan of that version. If I own a digital version of a book I love or borrowed a book from the library and loved it, I have to have a physical copy. That is how I ended up with the hardback because I saw it for a good price used. I only got the paperback because I really love the original cover and saw it going for cheap and couldn’t resist. Otherwise, I would have just stuck with the hardback.


  3. Awesome post. Umm, I have 37 foreign Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone books and at least 10 US editions of it. So I am very for owning as many editions as possible. 😛 It does get expensive though!

    Xander @ Forever Bookish


  4. I don’t do this because, obviously, money. But if I am rich I’d probably collect different editions of my favourite books to show off to my friends! 😄


  5. In my country books are SO expensive that I prefer using my money buying new books. However, I would love to own different editions of some of my fav books but at the same time I’m not sure if I want to because as a reader I don’t see the point of that, but as a collector I see it 🙂


  6. personally, i LOVE having multiple copies! especially if it’s a favorite. i currently own the US PB Harry Potter books, and am collecting the US HC and Spanish versions! I hope to have the UK editions soon as well! And I also have HCs and PBs of the infernal devices (mainly cause my friend trashed my PBs, but since I love the series why not?) if I have an arc, I usually don’t buy a finished copy unless I LOVED it. Love this discussion!


  7. At the moment I don’t own multiple copies of any books, unless you count Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where I have the normal and the illustrated edition. If I end up with another copy, I usually end up giving it to a friend. Though I AM planning on buying a new box set of the Harry Potters when I get a job because mine are all battered and over 10 years old, so I’d like a shiny new undamaged set xD


  8. I only own multiple copies of my favorite books. I have both paperback and hardcover A Song of Ice and Fire series, The Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus Series. And then there is Harry Potter. I have the original US pb and hc versions, the new paperbacks that display Hogwarts on the spine and the British paperback version. Also I plan on having the illustrated versions of each book that comes out. Besides that, if I have multiple copies of books I usually sell them.


  9. I generally don’t keep multiple copies unless it’s a physical copy and an ebook. When I got the shiny special edition of The Hunger Games I gave my old copies away, the same with when I upgraded to the hardcover Wolves of Mercy Falls. I am however going to collect the illustrated Harry Potter books despite having them in paperback and ebook because the illustrated version is so uniquely different and I’m planning on those ones being more for my children than me. That’ll be the book I read to them from.

    I do want a beautiful hardcover version of Black Beauty but I don’t think I’d get rid of my beloved childhood copy. When I replaced some of my other childhood favourites like The Silver Brumby and The Animals of Farthing Wood with the omnibuses I still kept the original books. Something about them being so special to me as a kid that as an adult with a shiny new cover I still need to hold on to those yellowed, dog-eared pages.

    I did, at one point, try to collect my absolute favourite trilogy, and obscure adult dark fantasy trilogy published in the 80s (so it was out of print and took a great deal of effort to track down), in all of its covers, but then I lent one version to a friend who moved away before he returned them, so that made me really sad.

    I also buy finished copies of ARCs I really loved but being in Australia I tend to receive finished copies for review rather than ARCs so it’s not many that happens to. I try to find a home for the replaced ARC if it’s physical but mostly the ARCs I replace are electronic.


  10. I do this with Harry Potter (I’ve got my eye on another set) but wouldn’t do it with any other books. Already out of shelf space and a long TBR list I need to dish money out on instead!


  11. I have bought multiple copies of books before, but I usually give my older editions to my younger sister, especially if she loves the series. One time I bought three different editions of the Percy Jackson series. I gave my old set to my brother since they weren’t in the greatest condition (because of him). Then I bought these beautiful paperback editions and the hardbacks.
    After some internal debate, I gave the beautiful paperbacks to my sister and kept the hardbacks for myself because I prefer hardback. So, I guess when I buy another copy of a book, I help my sister out by expanding her own shelf.


    1. That’s really sweet! I tend to keep the older edition for myself for sentimental reasons even if it’s completely worn out :’)


  12. I try to hold off getting multiple editions of the same book, because money is so precious and I could use it to buy something completely new. However, sometimes there are cover changes and I just fall in love all over again and THE TEMPTATION IS REAL. Shelf space is another issue though. I have a really big shelf and still no space. Like, books are double rows and it’s really difficult to find a place to store the new additions to my collection …


  13. I’ve definitely considered this and thought it would be pretty cool to do so, but I think the “cons” overpower the “pros” for me on this matter.

    One, I definitely do not have enough money to buy multiple editions of books, no matter how head-over-heels I am about it. Like what you said, I think it’ll be more practical to just use my money a book I haven’t read before than spending it over a book I’ve already read and will only re-read.

    Two, I also don’t have that much shelf space either, so I aso think it’s more reasonable to use my little shelf space for different kinds of books. 😀

    Great post, Ava!


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