Social Media for Bloggers

 Social Media for Bloggers

This post idea was sparked by a recent post all about Twitter and how it’s so useful for blogging. You can check it out here.

I am a huge fan of social media, ESPECIALLY for promoting my blog. It can be really really beneficial for promoting your blog AND for just having fun!

There are so many platforms of social media, it will be difficult to manage an account on every one. My advice to you is to pick about three sites to focus on. This way, you can focus on growing those three follower counts. Your followers there will know you better and be more likely to come to your blog. You can develop a connection with them. If you are spread too thin across a bunch of social media sites, you may post more sporadically on each and it won’t be bringing customers to your blog.

Of course, you don’t have to pick three. If you LOOOOVE all the social media sites and want to use all of them, of course you can do that! I personally have learned that it’s easier and more beneficial to your blog to focus on a smaller number.

You have to make sure not to spend TOO much time on social media: it’s useful, yes, but not as important as creating quality content for your blog! There is a good balance, and picking three to focus on can help with that.

You have to pick three sites that are going to be useful for your blog, yes, but you also have to pick social medias that you enjoy! If you don’t like using Twitter, don’t do it. I personally love it, and even though I think you should, that doesn’t mean anything! Pick a site that you like being on and using. Don’t make it a chore to post.

I focus on Twitter, Instagram, and Goodreads, and am pretty active and consistently post on each. Those three sites are the best fit for me, but they might not be for you. Here are some of the many options for social media, and who it might be best for!

#1: Twitter.

We all know how much I love Twitter, and I won’t spend time talking about it as much as the other sites because I just did a post about how useful it is for your blog. But my number one recommendation of a social media site for your blog is Twitter.

Twitter is such an easy platform to use, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. You can schedule tweets, promote your blog posts, etc, in no time at all.  Make sure you’re not just marketing, though- you want to interact with people as well.

Tips for using Twitter:

Follow people in your blogging niche.
Promote your posts AND interact with people.
Include your post graphics when promoting posts.

#2: Instagram.

If you are a blogger focusing on things that are visually pleasing and could make good pictures, such as fashion or food, Instagram might be the site for you! As I am primarily a book blogger, I have an Instagram dedicated to books. I love taking pictures of books, and I’ve built up a following on there that I can now direct to my blog.

If you can take pretty photos that relate to your blog, and enjoy being creative, Instagram could be perfect for you.

Tips for using Instagram:

Take quality pictures. I don’t mean with a fancy camera (because that is so unnecessary) but if you put effort into the pictures you post, it’ll pay off.
Follow accounts you love as well as accounts with similar follower counts.
Engaging captions will bring more comments to your photos.
Post regularly. It doesn’t have to be every day, but post enough so that your followers won’t forget you or unfollow.

#3: Pinterest

I personally don’t use Pinterest for my blog- I have it for my writing related things like my WIPs, but to promote my posts? No. Since this blog is primarily a book blog, and there aren’t many book bloggers on Pinterest (as far as I know) I don’t believe that it would be useful for me. But if your blog would be perfect for Pinterest, do it! For blogs that are business or fashion or food related, topics that many people enjoy, Pinterest might be for you. I’ve heard from so many influential, experienced bloggers that it can be a huge help.

Tips for using Pinterest:

Create a board for all of your blog posts.
Then, create other boards with different topics still for your posts: ie, lists, discussions…
Pin about your blog and topics relating to it. People came to your Pinterest from your blog, or will end up at your blog from your Pinterest, so you want them to focus on the same things.

Now, I’m not a Pinterest user, so I’d check out this post to learn more.

#4: YouTube

“What?” You might be saying. “But Ava, YouTube is basically a blogging platform on its own!”

Yes, it is. But if you want to put the effort into creating YouTube videos as well as blogging, it could pay off! YouTube is an easy place to navigate, and a really easy place to get views, just because so many people use it. If your video can answer someone’s question and then direct them to your blog, PERFECT!

Tips for using YouTube:

As I said for Instagram, you don’t need a fancy camera, but you do want your videos to be quality ENOUGH so that people will watch them.
Post videos regularly. This might be once a week, twice a week, once a month… Whatever it is, try to stick to a schedule. Your followers will come to expect your videos and be excited for them.
Post meaningful comments on other people’s videos with around the same number of followers as you.

#5: Goodreads

As a book blogger, I love using Goodreads. Of course, for non-book bloggers, this doesn’t apply to you at all, so you can skip on.

Goodreads helps me keep track of my tbr and books read and my ratings. It is also a great way to promote your blog: when you post a review, include a link to that same review that you posted on your blog. This can direct a lot of readers to your site!

-Tips for using Goodreads:

Request people that you know, or people that read similar books as you. They are more likely to accept your friend request that way.
Completely fill out your Goodreads profile, and include a link to your blog.
Update Goodreads regularly.
Here are my social media links:

Twitter: Bookishwithtea

Instagram: Bookishnessandtea

Goodreads: Bookishnessandtea

What social media sites do you use for your blog? Do you stick to a smaller number, or try to do them all? What social media is your favorite, and which is the one that brings most people to your blog?

Thanks for reading!



14 thoughts on “Social Media for Bloggers

  1. Useful post! 🙂 I usually use Twitter, Instagram and I’m on goodreads every day but I have neglected my profile there. Sometimes I find it hard to balance my schedule between social medias and the blog, everything is so time-consuming!


  2. This is such a good list! I’m use the same three platforms – i’m on Pintrest as well, but I use that more for collecting recipes than anything else. But because my instagram and twitter are also personal – i use them to interact with my family. haha. i’m trying to balance blog related posts on both with my personal posts though…


  3. This such an amazing and useful post! I am so glad I stumbled upon this. I have been having a hard time juggling Social Media and blogging and writing and my daily life activities so I really needed a post like this!

    I also love the theme of your blog btw! Its simple yet lovely with such a neat and clean outlook *_*

    I agree full on with you about Twitter. It is an amazing platform to connect with bloggers and promote your blog too!


  4. This is exactly what I need! I’ve been struggling with my social media and doesn’t really get a lot of engagements (esp on Twitter & Instagram). I guess I should step up my game more and interact a bit more. 🙂


  5. I love Twitter the most because I just find it so fast and easy to communicate with other people, as well as find blog posts that I’m interested in reading. I’m also on Goodreads and update when I reading a book at almost every chapter interval (or whenever I stop for a time). I’m also on Instagram and I’ve found a lot of joy doing bookish pictures – I just want to do it more often! Good post!


  6. I use the same platforms as you! I find it best to focus on a couple rather than spread yourself too thin. I also like that you focus on the fact that you should just do the best you can, rather than getting fancy equipment for YouTube and instagram! Great post, Ava!


  7. This is a great post! Thanks for sharing. I really only use Twitter and Goodreads – I occasionally tweet and I only update Goodreads when I’ve finished a book, haha. I also have a FB page for my blog but I haven’t really focused on building it, so it’s just like a blog feed thus far.

    As far as my stats go, Twitter seems to work better for me, but I am most active there so that’s not a surprise. I’ve been toying with the idea of having a bookstagram but I’m really too lazy and most of my books are e-books, which probably don’t look as good in photos. 😛


  8. I personally think Goodreads is a must-have for book bloggers. It’s a perfect way to organize your TBR list and check out what other people are reading! The social media sites I use for my blog are Goodreads, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ve been on Goodreads for a few years now, but my Twitter and Instagram are relatively new. I used to post super frequently on Instagram, but it’s tapered off since I’ve been too busy to take nice pictures of my books – I’m hoping to start posting more once I graduate in a few weeks! I’m more active on Twitter now since I’m getting more of a hang of it – I really like it because I get to interact with other book bloggers and just people who love reading. Twitter also never fails to make me giggle every time I’m on it since people can be very witty and funny. Great discussion post! 😀


  9. I only ever use Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads for promoting my blog – just like you! These places are really fun to roam around and interact with other people, especially Twitter, which is my favorite. A lot of my traffic comes from there as well. 🙂

    Goodreads is really useful for me to keep up with the books I’ve read and want to read, as well as discovering new people who love the same books as me. Sometimes it’s really fun read their progress statuses as well, since some can be really fangirl-ish and/or funny. xD


  10. As I wanted to have a social media cleanse soon after starting the blog, I didn’t matched much platforms dedicated to my blog. Later, I made only Twitter and it does direct a few people to my blog. I’m not finding Goodreads that useful for this sense. I’m thinking of expanding to one more site, not sure which though.


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