9 Reasons Why I Love To Reread Books

img_66749 Reasons Why I Love To Reread Books

If you know me as a reader at all, you know: I LOVE REREADING.

Seriously. Love, love, love.

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago (shoutout to you Erika), and found out that she does not like rereading. In fact, she barely does it at all. And it got me thinking about WHY I love rereading so much.

Here are nine reasons I might decide to reread a book:

#1) It’s a favorite.

I reread my all-time favorite books ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

Harry Potter?

Read too many times to count. My original copy is battered and torn, but I love it.

#2) The sequel is releasing soon.

This is another of the main reasons I’ll reread a book. A lot of the time, I’ll read a book close to when it releases, and then by the time the sequel comes out (often a whole year or more later), I’ll have forgotten EVERYTHING that happened in the previous book.

#3) I want to see if my feelings have changed.

This is by far the least common reason I would end up rereading a book. You might be thinking, Well duh, Ava, if you didn’t like a book, why reread it? And I know! It sounds strange. Especially if I didn’t enjoy the book in question.


As I talked about in this post, I like rereading books, but some of the time I have to lower my rating of it because my feelings and/or reading tastes have changed. But sometimes, it works the opposite way, and because of my new reading tastes, I actually raise the rating!

I’m not sure if I’m the only one who does this. Maybe I am!

#4) The movie adaptation is coming out.

While not a TON of books have movie adaptations, some do, and I know that for books like The Hunger Games or Divergent, I reread the book before seeing the movie. I like to compare the two, and how can I do that if I don’t remember it?

(Although sometimes, comparing books to movies just serves to irritate me with how different they are. Grrrrrrr.)

#5) To get out of a reading slump.

Forever ago, I did a post on reading slumps, and one of my main tips on how to get out of one is to reread a favorite (coincidentally, that’s tip #1 here!). It really helps me on my way to getting out of a reading slump, and so whenever I feel one approaching, I’ll jump to reread a favorite.

(Especially fluffy contemporaries. They are my savior when it comes to slumps.)

#6) To make me happy.

This goes along with #1, but I included it because it’s SLIGHTLY different. Rereading happy, fluffy contemporaries that I remember enjoying makes me happy. Whenever I’m feeling sad, I can pull out a book like Simon Vs and it’ll be a HUGE pick-me-up.

#7) I miss the characters or world.

Rereading is FUN. I get to experience more adventures with Celaena and her crew, or visit Hogwarts again and again, or discover Cabeswater for the ten-millionth time. When I’m not rereading these loved books, I miss the characters and world and stories!

Yes, it’s a book-lover thing. But since you’re reading this blog, I’m guessing that you love books as much as I do, so YOU FEEL ME. Right?

#8) To review it.

I JUST starting reviewing books this past year on Goodreads and my blog, so the books I read before that? I have no clue what I thought of them OR I have no clue WHY I felt the way I remember feeling about them. I’ll reread so that I can write a review on it.

#9) To pick up on things I may have missed.

When I reread books, I see things that I had missed the first time and it is so interesting. I pick up on small details I didn’t see the previous time around because I read too fast or focused on other things, increasing my enjoyment of it.

Whatever the reason, I reread so many books per year (and sadly, they don’t count for my Goodreads goal!) I just. can’t. stop.

What about you? Do you enjoy rereading books? Why or why not? What makes you decide to reread a book? Are any of my reasons the same as yours?

Thanks for reading!



34 thoughts on “9 Reasons Why I Love To Reread Books

  1. Aside from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which I’ve read 8 times, I never re-read! I think for me, I feel like I have to read and read more books because I’m so behind in hype (which is a problem I’ll get over eventually), and I just want to keep reading new content. More so, the first time is always the best time with books – I’m worried that if I read it again, I won’t enjoy it as much and it’ll lose its magic.

    Though, I have been itching to read Maybe in Another Life again, which was one of my favourite books of all time so – who knows! Maybe my reading habits will change in the future! :3


  2. YES FOREVER to 1, 5, and 7. There are only a select few books I reread – Harry Potter is definitely at the top of that list. I also love rereading The Ruins of Golan by John Flanagan as well. And… sometimes I just like to reread the Twilight books… they are my guilty pleasure.


  3. I’m a big fan of rereading. I find that reading a book the second time gives you a different perspective and you end up noticing thing you didn’t the fist time round, not that my rereading is limited to second times only. Also there are some books, some words, some phrases that get so deeply engraved in you that you have to go back and read them again.


      1. I’ve reread ONE book – Crank by Ellen Hopkins. Mainly because I read it over 10 years ago and I was going to be meeting her, so I reread it. It also helped that it was written in prose, so it took me less than a day to read it hah Otherwise, I’ve never been able to 😦


  4. I LOVE rereading books! Ask anyone who knows me if I reread books and you’ll get an unwavering YES. And then they’ll probably roll their eyes😂 I definitely feel ya when you say that you reread books because you miss the characters and the world in which they live! Rereading never gets old for me! “I can’t imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once” – C.S. Lewis. To me, a really good book – a really good story – is one in which you find yourself going back to read yet again, whether it is right after you finish it, or a few weeks to a few months later!


  5. I barely ever reread 😦 Sometimes I wish I did because there are SO many books I’ve loved that I would love to reLove!! But ughhhh so many NEW books to read!! And also part of it is I’m kinda scared to reread favorites. Whenever I’ve reread favorite books in the past, I always ended up not liking them as much. Like the magic is gone and all I see are the flaws. Because every book has flaws, but I don’t see them as much when I’m immersed in a story and loving it. But the 2nd time around I find myself being picky and annoying. So yeah…. good for you being able to revisit books and love them 🙂


  6. I love rereading books! One of the series I reread was the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series, the first time I read it, it was just okay. A few years later, I reread it and oh my goodness I realized I missed the beauty of the book and it has now become one of my top fantasy series!


    1. YES! I love those books. I read Shadow and Bone and The Darkest Minds a few years ago and thought they were okay, then last year I revisited them, and LOVED THEM! Now they’re some of my favorite books. I’m so glad I decided to reread them, and I’m relieved that you fave DOSAB another try!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I agree with ALL of these… I do love rereading, but I have so little time and so many books I don’t get to do it as much as I want. I used to reread a lot more when I was younger and I just didn’t have as many options (i.e. eBooks) or distractions (i.e. Netflix). But yeah, I love rereading, especially when I just miss the characters and world.


  8. Agreed! I reread for almost all the same reasons. And I also go back and will change a rating on a book from time to time. I even have a select few I can reread and then reread right after I finished it.


      1. Burn for Me by Ilona Andrews is my go to reread. I love it so much, its an urban fantasy. I also reread Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. There are more but those are some of my most common rereads.


  9. I don’t reread a lot (unless it’s Ender’s Game or Jane Eyre) but I’m going to try to make a bigger effort to reread books I really enjoyed. All I remember about some is that I loved them and I can’t even tell you the character’s names anymore. It’s kinda sad. Now I’m rereading Horrorstör and it’s just as weird as I remember it . Great list 🙂


    1. I haven’t read either of those! Do you recommend them? I love rereading books I loved (and probably do it more than I should, honestly.) And exactly! I forget what happened in the book, so I want to revisit it. I haven’t read Horrorstor either, but I’ve seen it a lot! Thanks!


      1. Yes! Ender’s Game can be read as a standalone and it’s pretty good. It’s about kids being trained to save the world from a second alien invasion. The movie adaptation did a pretty good job.
        You’ll love Jane Eyre if you like independent female characters. There’s a romance but it’s so secondary to Jane’s development in my opinion. It’s a little slow but it’s so amazing.


  10. I generally don’t reread things – I’ve read harry potter a million and one times and I’m planning on reading the infernal devices again but looking at my huge tbr pile, I just can’t bring myself to do it.


  11. I don’t do a lot of rereading. Okay, I almost never reread. Except for Harry Potter and a few favorites that I know would be out of any reading slump. But recently, I’ve been feeling I should start rereading some times, because I’ve discovered some amazing books and they deserve lots of love.


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