How To Write A Fabulous About Page For Your Blog

How To Write A Fabulous About Page For Your Blog

You may be thinking, As a book blogger, why do I NEED a fabulous about page? What does it do for me? And I’m here to tell you that it’s actually important to have one.

An about page should be very visible on your blog. It should be easy to find. Maybe put a link to it in your menu!

When I visit a blog for the first time, I don’t go straight to the most recent posts. I like to know WHO the person is, and so I head to their about page.

How old are they? What do they like to do? What is their blog all about?

These are all questions I want to find out when I go to someone’s about page. I want to know the person behind the blog.

It’s really a big deal for me for that blogger to have an about page that tells me things about them I didn’t know before!

Of course, it may be just me who really likes about pages. In any case, it’s still important for your about page to do something. In most cases, it’ll simply tell your reader about you and your blog. That’s what mine does.

But some bloggers are smart about it, and their about page has links to things they think the reader should know about: services, shops, important blog posts… These are things the blogger wants you, the reader, to see. It can lead to more sales/views/customers for them. Why wouldn’t you want that for your blog?

I don’t have a shop, and don’t offer services (yet!). So my about page exists so that my readers (that’s you guys!) know more about me and see me as more than just a blog post every few days. I’m an actual person, with goals and dreams and interests!

And that’s what I like to see on other bloggers’ about pages. I think it’s important to keep an updated one.

In mine, I talk about me: as a person, and as a writer. Those are two sections. And then I talk about this blog. The page shows what this blog has, and why you should keep coming back to read my posts.

So, what should you include in your about page?

I know this won’t be the most helpful, but really: whatever you want!

All I want to say is: you can talk about you and your blog, sure- then talk about you WITHOUT your blog. I know what kind of books you like to read if I’ve been reading your blog. I don’t know what hobbies you like, what country you live in, how old you are…

THOSE are the things I want to learn about you. THAT’S what I like reading on about posts.

Then talk about your blog as much as you want! Like I said before, link us to something you want us to know about: Are you offering beta reading services? Maybe a reader is interested in hiring you for that!

Have your about page talk about you, and then if applicable, link to something you want your readers to know about. Your about page is a great place to lead your readers to somewhere else on your blog.  Now they know who you are, and will be more inclined to purchase something from you or even just follow your blog.

Another tip: include your social media links! Your readers just learned a ton of information ABOUT you- now they want to get to KNOW you. Show them where they can do that. I include my Instagram and Twitter links, as well as my business email, in one of my paragraphs on my about page. I’ve visited about pages before where I read them, and look to go find the blogger elsewhere. And I can’t. Sure, sometimes links are in the sidebar. (and that’s great! That’s the perfect place for them.) But when I finish reading your about page, I want it to be VERY VERY EASY to find you on other places than your blog without searching your blog to locate the links. This is just a tip, but I recommend it.

Do you read bloggers’ about pages? Do you think they are as important as I do, or do you not really care? (Is it just me???) Is your about page as updated and informational as possible?

Thanks for reading!



8 thoughts on “How To Write A Fabulous About Page For Your Blog

  1. I’m the same too, Ava! ‘About Me’ pages are almost always the *first* page I visit when I go ‘About Me’s are soooo helpful to me, especially since I like addressing people by their name and I want to know the name of the person I am talking to. And it’s always nice knowing a little about them too, which helps when I want to find a common interest that we may share. 🙂

    I haven’t updated mine in awhile, but I like mine as it is, and it is still relevant to me today. If anything changes though, I would definitely update it!

    Great post, Ava! ❤


  2. I love this! I agree that an about me page can be really important. I haven’t revamped mine since the beginning of this year, so it might be time for me to do that. I SOMETIMES read them. It kind of depends. If its a blogger I visit regularly, or one that visits me regularly, then I definitely read it. If its one I see myself visiting often, then I read it. I think the only time I dont is when I’m just commenting back to someone or something like that. Someone I don’t see on my blog that often, if that makes sense?

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


  3. I have tow separate pages, one ‘About Me’ and ‘About the blog’. on both, I leave my social media links, so I guess that’s ticked off. My blog is kinda anonymous so on the ‘About Me’, I tell you what I can like how much I love chocolate or how obsessed I am with stationery! These are all fantastic tips, thanks for sharing!


  4. I always hop to about pages first! I want to know the person behind the blog and decide then itself whether I want to follow. I rarely look at more than one or two posts. If there’s a static page, even better!


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