How To Save Time With Your Blog

As you may know, I started school about two weeks ago. And as you may have noticed… I’ve barely posted on here. School is taking so much of my time, leaving me with none to read, blog, or do ANYTHING that I used to do quite frequently. It’s such a change from last year, where I was able to post almost every other day.

So obviously, that won’t be the case this year.

I’m going to try to post at least twice a week, but we’ll see. That might not happen. I’m HOPING I’ll be able to do that, but I just don’t know.

School HAS to be a priority for me, and while blogging is obviously incredibly important…it comes second to school.

I think most people know what I’m talking about. A lot of us bloggers spend a lot of time on our blogs, doing things that COULD be accomplished in shorter amounts of time, freeing that time to do other things. Like reading, or writing, or sleeping. Or more important things, like working, chores, homework, etc. There are ways to get the time you spend on your blog down, and I’m here to show you a few suggestions!

#1: Pick a day to reply to comments.

It takes a lot of time to reply to each comment individually as it is commented, so pick a day to go through your comments and respond! This way, you aren’t ignoring the comments, and it takes less time.

Sundays are my days to do this. I go through the previous weeks’ comments and reply.

This may not seem like a lot of time, but think about it. Say you respond to each new comment as it arrives. Replying to one comment takes what, a minute? If you pick one day to respond a week, you can reduce the time you spend commenting back and get other things done, because you’re doing them all at once.

#2: Schedule posts.

This has seriously been a lifesaver for me. Before scheduling posts, I would be up the night before the post was supposed to go up, frantically trying to finish it. Now, I can write my posts days, weeks, sometimes even MONTHS in advance!

(Although that last one doesn’t happen very often.)

But really, scheduling posts HELPS. I write my posts on the weekends, when I have more time, and schedule them for later.

Even if you’re not actually writing the posts, use a calendar to plan ahead. At least you KNOW what you’ll have to write about for a specific day, which is way better than the night before realizing, I have a blog post that needs to go up tomorrow. And I have NO CLUE WHAT IT SHOULD BE.

 #3: Draft posts on your phone.

Are you on the train/bus/passenger in a car while driving to work or school? WRITE BLOG POSTS. When I get a break between classes or driving to school, I’m writing down post ideas or writing the posts themselves. I have the handy WordPress app on my phone, and while it’s not perfect, it’s incredibly useful. I can get the post (or the structure and ideas for the post) written and that will save me so much time later. If you don’t use WordPress, the Notes or Google Docs apps are also great.

#4: Write down any and all ideas you have as soon as you have them.

I can’t TELL YOU how many times I’ve thought of an excellent post idea (often in the shower, or late at night)-and then forgotten it. Write down your post ideas, no matter how small. They could develop into something larger later. You WANT ideas for when you’re out of inspiration. 

#5: Find the best time for you to write.

I personally write best in the evening. In the mornings, I’m rushed and tired, but at night, that’s the best time for ME. Find out when your most productive time is, and use it to your advantage! 

#6: Blog whenever you can- no matter how short the length of time is.

Have ten minutes between classes? Slightly similar to #3, my next tip is that no time is to short to blog in. Those ten minute sessions WILL add up and help you. 

#7: Avoid distractions.

Turn off Twitter, a ebook, and email notifications and don’t check them when you’re writing. This WILL save you time, I promise. I am a huge procrastinator/time waster, so I just try to set a timer and then not check anything for that amount of time. That time is just for blog post writing. 

#8: But give yourself (timed) breaks.

Breaks are important! Have you been writing for 30 minutes? Give yourself time to check Twitter, or stretch, or do something to relax yourself. But do remember to not let yourself forget about the actual writing…you’ll get cared away, and THAT’S why setting a timer  is important. 

#9: Do specific tasks all at once.

Like #1, when you have something to do (replying to emails, responding to Twitter notifications, etc), don’t do it as you receive each thing. You can pick a day or time for these, too! You’ll spend a lot less time if you simply decide on a time to do them all at once instead of checking them periodically to procrastinate with the writing of blog posts. 

Do you ever struggle with balancing work or school with blogging? Do you have any tips to help other bloggers (or me!)? Do you, or will you, use any of these tips?

Thanks for reading!



23 thoughts on “How To Save Time With Your Blog

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  2. Thank you for the fantastic tips! The ones I like the most are complete ALL of one task at once and drafting posts on a phone/tablet. I do the former, but never thought of drafting or outlining a post on my phone. I guess I never saw the possibility of using such a small device to write. I will definitely have to try this moving forward – I can see how it would save time!


  3. Wonderful tips! I basically utilize all of these. On top of setting aside days to blog & reply to comments, I also set aside a day to visit other blogs and comment (like today). I feel like visiting other blogs takes me THE MOST time hahah I can spend an entire morning/afternoon doing it. So I definitely have to set aside time.

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


  4. Over my summer break, I got into the habit of posting something every day. Now my classes are starting tomorrow and I’m struggling to figure out how I can still maintain a pretty active blog schedule. These tips are great and I’m definitely going to try some of them out. 🙂


  5. I am going back to school this week which means that I too won’t be posting as frequently. Somehow at the beginning of last school year I found the time to post a ton, but in the Spring and even throughout this summer I have found that my time has been eaten up by other things (work/school). I do plan ahead though and schedule posts sometimes, but I also find that just writing down a list of blog post ideas that you can come back to helps because sometimes I had planned to write a certain post on a certain day but then don’t really want to write it anymore, so I have a quick list of options to choose from! Xx


    1. I hope school is going well for you!! I know exactly what you mean- For me as well, I was able to post so much in February/March/April… And then in May that just stopped. 😦 I’m trying to be able to post consistently, just not as much as I used to! And oh, that IS a good tip. I need to keep that in mind, actually.


      1. Thanks! It didn’t at first but once all my courses were sorted it started going much better! Yeah I am going to try and post at least once a week this year, although I am not sure that will happen, but hopefully!


  6. Agreed! Unfortunately tho, I so struggle to do actual writing using the app on my phone (or my iPad for that matter) editing works fine, but writing? Not so much. Maybe it’s my phone’s fault, I dunno.

    Scheduling tho; also good to give you some extra time for editing, thinking your posts through one more time, I find.


  7. I started college (school, for you?) last month and I’m having the same issues! Since I became a planner and suddenly shifted from daily blogger to every other day in july, I had fortunately scheduled posts for august and am now one month ahead.

    Scheduling is life, basically. I don’t know where I’d be without it.

    I don’t follow the “pick a day for this” method but it sounds like a good idea so I’ll have to try that!


  8. I agree with all of these tips. I don’t really write on a phone/tablet because I find paper easier. That’s why I have a bullet journal!I find my bullet journal helps so much when blogging. I take my bullet journal with me everywhere, jotting down ideas, drafting my blog posts, etc… I just brought my new one yesterday but I’ve already posted about my Bullet Journal and the Benefits.

    And Avoid Distractions is my no.1 bad habit when writing! I just get sidetracked and forget all about my post left in another forgotten tab!


  9. This is gonna help me tremendously! University is starting in a couple of weeks and I started blogging when I had plenty of free time so I now need to learn how to juggle everything!


  10. Scheduling is the biggest life saver, I don’t know how I ever blogged without it! It’s so important to stop you having a mental breakdown. I don’t use the app for drafting though, which I probably should. I reply to all my comments and emails on the go instead 🙂


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