Ava Does The NaNo + Other Reasons Why I’ve Been On Hiatus From Blogging Lately

If you haven’t seen on Twitter, I’m participating in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you try and write 50,000 words in 30 days of November. Last year, I tried, and utterly failed. This year, I’m determined to win… And it’s taking a lot of my time.


So I’ve been pretty absent on here. I feel bad about it, but I’m taking this one month for myself and for my writing, which is okay. I’m allowed to do that!

I’ll be back soon, of course. I miss posting consistently on here, and part of the reason I hadn’t been (even before NaNo started) was because I’m in a blogging slump. I don’t know what to post, and even when I do, I don’t feel the motivation to do actually write the posts.


I’m working on drafting posts now, but it is very slow progress. Hopefully in December, I’ll be back with posting at least two times every week.

Another reason I’ve been pretty absent on here is school. I started a new school this year, and it takes a lot more time than before, leaving me with very little time to blog. I’m going to figure out my schedule soon, and return to consistent posts as soon as possible.

A third thing is that a few weeks ago, my dad was diagnosed with a (luckily non-cancerous) brain tumor, which is still very terrifying. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for my family. He had the surgery October 31st, and he’s recovering, but it’s very, very slow. It’s hard. But he’s okay.

So, let’s talk about NaNo!

I’m writing this post November 22, with no clue of when it’ll go up, but as of now, I’ve written 35,000 words. I haven’t yet started my writing for the day, but when I do, I’ll write enough to keep on track. I’ve never been on track before, so this is very very exciting.

If you’re being polite, you might ask: Ava, what’s your story about?

And then the conversation would go:

me: omg I can’t believe you actually want to know! 

you: well, okay I was just being nice but whatever, continue

me: it’s about sister relationships and ghosts and a ship in the middle of a forest and an f/f relationship and set in Oregon and…

you: *runs away*

I haven’t had this conversation yet, but it’ll happen. I have a feeling.

I am INCREDIBLY excited about this WIP, and motivated to finish it, for once. It’ll happen. I know it. If you’d like to know more about my book, here is the Pinterest board! That describes the book better than I could.

A few FAQs

Q: Can I read it???

A: Aww, that’s so sweet of you! It’s not even CLOSE to ready yet. I’m still in the very very first draft-y stages.  I’m not looking for beta readers as of now, but maybe later!

Q: Will it be published?

A: It’s my dream to get a book published, so hopefully someday! But no time in the foreseeable future.

Q: Can you post a snippet?

A: Not yet! Like I said before, it’s not readable. Once it’s edited, I’ll post snippets on Twitter.

Are you doing NaNoWriMo? How’s it going? We can motivate each other! Tell me all the things about your story (if you’d like). Do you have any blogging/book related questions you’d like answered in a post? Leave me a comment! I really do need your help. Did you miss my wonderful, helpful, magnificently inspiring blog posts? (Just kidding!)




7 thoughts on “Ava Does The NaNo + Other Reasons Why I’ve Been On Hiatus From Blogging Lately

  1. Congratulations on your NaNoWriMo progress. It’s sounds like you’re on track to cross the 50,000 finishing line. I wasn’t going to do it then I decided so the first few days were spent planning. I’m about 25,000 words but I’m suffering from writers’ block. Good luck with your last few days for NaNoWriMo!!


  2. Don’t feel bad about not being around, everybody understands 🙂 I’m sending good vibes and best wishes to your father! I hope he fully recovers soon.
    Good luck with your story! It sounds very interesting!


  3. First of all, GOOD JOB ON DOING NANO. That’s AMAZING. I tried it 2 years ago and you’re right–it was so much work. I wanted to do it this year, but school is very, very hectic. Your WIP sounds amazing. Are you going to put it on Wattpad after it’s completely finished?

    I’m so glad your dad is okay and recovering well. *hugs*


  4. Good luck with NaNo, school and life in general! Wish your dad a speedy recovery! I know how you feel, my mom was diagnosed with non-cancerous uterine tumor, and she had her uterus removed. It really scared me and every day seemed to pass real slowly! Again, I hope your dad will be better soon! *hugs* ❤


  5. Your novel looks amazing, Ava! I really hope you achieve your goal!
    As for your studying problems, I know what it feels like. As a High Schooler (I don’t know if this word exists) myself, I do find little time to blog and read, so I’ve fallen into a little blogging slump. But I’m slowly getting out of it, so that’s cool! And I’ve been reading A LOT more than usual during my blogging slump, so it’s amazing.
    I really hope your dad is going well, Ava. *inserts millions of hearts*


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