How Often Should Book Bloggers Post?

A couple weeks ago, I started thinking about myself as a newbie book blogger: struggling with post ideas, not sure how much to post, not sure what lengths my blog post should be, worried about stats…And I realized I’ve done blog posts on a lot of those ideas, but not frequency of posting.

So I decided to make that today’s post!

Since I’ve been book blogging for over a year now, I’ve read a lot of blogs (who publish posts at different frequencies) and posted a lot on my own blog. I’ve been through so many different posting schedules, and I want to start off this post by talking about that.

When I first started book blogging, I posted every other day. Consistently, without failure (at first), I would have a post up when expected-even if I had to stay up late the night before getting that post ready.

As you can imagine, that didn’t last too long. I grew out of ideas and became unmotivated to blog. That led to a slump, and not posting much for months. Finally, last month or so, I decided on a schedule. I would post two times a week if possible, and if not, I wouldn’t stress, because it would all be okay. It’s not the end of the world.

And that’s been working for me! I have blog posts planned out for the next two months, and that means I get a start on them early and am not stressed or hating blogging.

Which brings me to the actual point of this post: How often should book bloggers post?

The easy answer? However often you want.
The true answer? However often you want.

There is no ‘book bloggers should do x’ in regards to anything, including how often you post. Your blog is your own, and nothing you do should be only because somebody told you to or someone else is doing it.

Can you get a post out every day and still enjoy doing it? I am so, so impressed. I could never do that.

Can you post once a week and be happy with blogging? That’s great!

Is the most you can do publish a post once a month? That’s still amazing, and it’ll make your readers even more excited for that single post.

Can you post whenever you can, no matter how often that is? That works too!

You do you, my lovely blogger friends, you do you.

But readers of blogs do have preferences, so I asked my Twitter followers how often they preferred book bloggers to post if anyone was curious. The results don’t affect how often I post, and they shouldn’t do that to you, either: I created the poll merely out of curiosity.

As Twitter only allows four options, I chose four different posting schedules and asked my followers which they preferred as readers of book blogs. The results are as follows:

Once a day


Every other day


Twice a week


1-4 posts a month


Honestly, I was surprised by the margin that ‘twice a week’ won by, but it was interesting! It seems that once a day is the least popular posting frequency, which is not what I was expecting.

I’ve made a list of pros and cons for different frequencies of posting, in case you wanted to look at them to decide how often you should post. Don’t let it affect you too much, though: You should post however often you want to.

Posting once a day


More posts for your readers

More pageviews on your blog


Readers can get tired of your posts

Posts become of less quality and rushed

You can get stressed by having to post this often

Posting every other day


More manageable than posting every day


Still is a lot of posts to write, and has the same cons as posting every day

Posting twice a week


Very manageable

Gives you time to write quality posts

Readers look forward to your posts because they know they are coming


Can still be too many posts

Posting 1-4 times a month


Also very manageable

Pretty easy number to hit


Less views than posting more frequently

Readers look forward to when you do post

Posting whenever you can


Less stressful

Gives you freedom


A lot of readers like consistent posting

Can make you lose blog followers

Can bring a blogging hiatus on

Can you tell which is my favorite? Yes, it is posting two times a week, and that is what I do. I would personally recommend it- it’s been working very well for me!- but as I’ve said before, post when you like. No one else’s opinion matters.

How often do you post on your blog? Do you have a schedule? How is that going for you? Have you ever tried a different posting frequency, and how did that work? If you’re a reader of book blogs, how often do you like book bloggers to post? Why?

Thanks for reading!



34 thoughts on “How Often Should Book Bloggers Post?

  1. Thank you for this great post 🙂 It really is useful as I am a new book blogger too (about 1 month or so) Thank you. I have been trying to do minimum two posts a week, but recently had this thought that should I post more often. Since I am full time employed, I spend most of the time of the day for work and have a very little time left once I come back home. So I prepare my posts for the week, on the weekends and schedule them to upload. It is working for me right now. And that stats surprised me too! hehe.


  2. I’ve just started blogging. So far I’m having fun! I only post once a week and recently made a schedule of what I plan on posting and when. I may switch to twice a week once I get comfortable with posting. Thanks for this post just what I needed to see!! 🙂


  3. Thank you, thank you. This is so very useful. I have been blogging for only two weeks. Trial and error. And your blog addresses my initial concerns during these early days. Your results also confirm my suspicions, a couple of blogs a week might appear to be enough for readers to take. Think mine have been more regular up to now, gonna cut back I think. My novel is published at the end of the month, I’m just trying to build up some interest. So, again, your words are so very useful. And again, a big thank you.


  4. I blogged every day for the first few months I had my blog, but then I went on vacation and now I’m at uni, so I just post when I have time!
    I personally follow so many blogs that I can’t keep up with anyone’s schedule, so I never notice how often people post, and I don’t really care anyway. As long as your posts are interesting! 😛


  5. Such a great post! I used to stress myself out because so many times I heard that you have to post every day, to gain followers and boost your traffic.
    After a while, I just got tired of it.
    I came up with new schedule (3-4 times a week) and life became so much easier. I don’t have plan as you two months in an advance, but I do have 3 weeks and it works fine with me. 🙂


  6. Oooooh this is a great post! I’m still a newbie blogger (going into my 5th month). I mostly just post reviews, so I schedule those usually the day after I finish reading a book. It’s been a weird binge of almost a post a day on my blog. Sometimes I’ve winded up with two posts a day on the weekends. lol I guess it all just depends on how fast I manage to read a book. I love seeing your post and everyone’s comments!


  7. I am a very beginner blogger, and I write a post a week! Right now, I’m only posting book reviews to keep on track with my New Year’s resolution (which amazingly, I haven’t abandoned! Yay me haha) of reading a book a week. I really like the flow of the once a week thing I have going on, but I’m thinking that when I get the hang of blogging more, I’ll add in other types of posts. I think it’d be fun to talk about my life, and about the little times that I have to scrounge for in order to read anything. XD Anyway, great post! I found you through your review on A Court of Mist and Fury because I just made a post on it. Flippin loved it, LOVED IT! Anyway, haha, looking forward to more posts from you!


  8. I’m not an exclusive book blogger (I’m actually almost not a book blogger at all), but I personally post twice a week (she says as she posts 3x this week this week) 😛 Previously, I posted once a week consistently, then last year, I started posting at least once a week (aka potentially more than once a week). This year, it’s been at least 2 posts a week, sometimes three.

    I find that this is increasing my traffic dramatically…the only issue is the time, which one doesn’t exactly have a lot of when one is a student. But oh well, it’s fun anyhow.


  9. This is a great post. I have found myself stressed thinking I need to post more. But honestly I’m usually able to post once a week an sometimes that doesn’t happen. Recently I have tried getting caught up and writing posts in advance so that they are sitting in drafts in case life gets busy…..Well it always seems busy, but I have decided I will post when I can this is all for fun right.


  10. Great tips! I used to post SO MUCH when I first started. I think I tried the every day thing and man…is that hard. Now I kind of do a mix of whenever I can and two-three times a week. Its a hit or miss with either one every week haha. Depends on how organized I am each week & if there are any book reviews >.<

    Molly @ Molly’s Book Nook


  11. I think this is such a necessary and important discussion, Ava. I think this is something that crosses all blogger’s minds, and I am certain that all of us, at one point, have asked ourselves how often we should post.
    I’ve never posted once a day – that would’ve been way too much for me and I don’t think it would be possible with my work schedule. Now, I aim to post consistently, whether it be once every 3 – 5 days. I try to post at least once a week, and it seems to be going pretty well so far. 🙂

    When it comes to others, I don’t mind. I’ve never unfollowed a blog for whatever reason, and I am happy to just see someone post something. I understand if people are busy in their real lives, so if they post, then I am cool with that. It they don’t, I’m happy too. 🙂


  12. Great post! I started my blog a little over a year ago and decided to ease myself into it and post once a week. Being new I had tons of ideas and upped it to two times a week. That kept resulting in missed posts though. Eventually, as I wanted to write about more things I upped to three times a week. I try to write at least two and start the third on the Sunday of that week so I don’t feel stressed having to write after work during the week. It’s been working well for me over the past few months!


  13. I try to post 3 times a week. I used to shoot for 4, but I never really did it consistently, so I changed my goals. I know when I first started blogging a lot of blogs posted content every single day. And that was the standard to shoot for. But now barely anyone does that– I mean, did they even get blog views on all those weekend posts?? I doubt it. But yeah, blogging has become a lot more laid back, which I love. I would never even want to blog 7 days a week. That would just not be fun to me.

    As a blog reader though– I kind of don’t like it when people aren’t consistent. Like if someone will post a thing and then not for 2 weeks and then pop back up for a few days and go MIA for another month, I get bored with that. I like the blogs I follow to post at least every week. But that’s just me as a reader 🙂 Great post!


  14. I just started blogging, but so far I’ve been able to keep up an even pace of one post per week, sometimes two. I think it works pretty well, cause it’s a very easy goal that also allows you to focus on creating a really high quality post. As a reader, I don’t have a specific preference for how often blogs should post, but a few times a month or once a week is still probably good. If a blog posts everyday it’s almost impossible to keep up with! 😅❤


  15. My co-blogger and I have been posting 6-7 times a week recently, but that’s because there are two of us, and, frankly, it wasn’t planned. We typically schedule posts over a few months in advance. I have stuff planned for March and April already. So then I don’t mind putting some extra posts in January instead of pre-scheduling all the way to November. But, as I said, this wasn’t a spoken goal of ours; we’ve just been prolific recently. And I don’t expect anyone to read everything we post. I don’t read every single post on anyone else’s blog!

    I am in the court that thinks bloggers “should” post more than once a week (or once a month!), however. Disclaimer: Of course do what makes blogging the most enjoyable for you. However, I think there can be correlations between the way you blog and how much traffic you get. So if growing your blog traffic and audience is a primary goal for someone as a blogger, I think “Do what you most like” is not always the best advice. Sometimes compromises have to be made.

    Posting more than once a week will make you more noticeable in people’s feeds and provide more content for people to get a sense of your voice and style. This is especially true for new bloggers. If you post twice a month, it’s going to be almost a year before you have a significant number of posts on your blog, and people who are just discovering it might leave if they see you only have 4 posts so far and none of them interest them. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news, but when bloggers post particularly infrequently, I often forget about them in favor of people I see in my feed all the time, and when they DO pop up with a post once a month, my first thought is liable to be “Who is this? Why am I following them?”

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  16. This is really interesting. I generally post every day but this year I am trying to cut back but I am finding it hard to decide what posts to cut and what to keep. This post really just helps push me to cut back on my posting schedule and try to keep higher quality posts.


  17. Great idea for a post! This is something I struggle with often and find myself stressing over. When I first started blogging, I wanted to post AT LEAST every other day, sometimes once a day. But that began getting tiring, stressful, and time consuming. So I started slacking. Which made me stress even more. So I tried a schedule, and even then I had a hard time sticking to it. So now I’m to the point where I will just post whenever I have the inspiration to post. I try to stick to some type of schedule when it comes to memes or features, of course. But as far as reviews, discussions, etc… I just do it when I feel like it. I post a minimum of 2x a week now, which is just fine by me! And apparently is fine by the Twitter voters too! Yay! 🙂


  18. Gawd, I tried a schedule but… It really made me STRESS OUT, like omg, i was pulling my hair out. My posts lost their quality and i was getting TIRED. Schedule didn’t work out to well for me but i MIGHT try it out again (MIGHT). I took your Twitter polll and voted twice a week since it is very balanced!


  19. Great post! I used to post 6-7 times a week and I managed to do that for an entire year and I was really proud of myself haha however it was a lot! So this year I’m posting 4-5 times a week depending on the kind of content I have and it’s so much more manageable and I’m really liking it


  20. I think it depends what your objective is for your blog. If you’re trying to gain followers then frequent new content is probably necessary. Plus trying to work out what gets you the most views/comments. This may not be reviews but other content, e.g. discussion posts. If you’re more relaxed about what you want to achieve, then I’d say post less frequently, so you get time to enjoy your reading and enjoy writing your reviews. I follow a lot of blogs so I’d be hard pressed to say how often they post as I’m normally prompted to visit blogs by email alerts, WP reader or Bloglovin rather than checking them spontaneously.

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  21. I just post whenever I feel like to post or when I need to post a review or when I has something to write about. I don’t have a schedule because I can never stick to one honestly. So most of the time, I post 1-4 times a month, which like you mentioned, not good for the number of views. I wish to post more though, like twice a week because that’s what I like the blogs that I follow to do as a reader of blogs.


  22. I have discovered that I can’t stick to schedules. I have tried everything from posting every other day to three times a week to whenever I feel like it. This is my last semester of uni, so right now, I’m posting when I have the time and when I feel like doing it. There’s weeks that I post 3 times a week and there’s others where I may only post once or not post at all. I wish I could be more consistent with my posting schedule so my followers know what to expect. But that just doesn’t work for me at the moment.


  23. I post once a week, when I first started I tried to post three times a week but I hated doing all the book tags and what not, it took away from my reading time. I feel a lot better posting once a week. I have all of February already complete and have had more time to read and write and check other blogs out. I have a full time job, the blogging just couldn’t be kept up with.


  24. I post 5 days a week. I post a lot of reviews and to get all the books in I have to post that often. I’m usually scheduled several weeks in advance. But, if i don’t have something for a particular day, i don’t stress about it either. I figure most people don’t have any clue about how often a particular blogger posts since they are following so many other blogs.


  25. I don’t really think about how often I post, so this is a nice insight. But my book blogging is currently done around uni studies, so I’m limited as to the amount I can actually ‘plan’. At the moment, all my blog posts are mainly reviews, and I post them usually on the day I finish a book, or the day after finishing. So my posting schedule is ruled by my reading habits really!

    When I have more time, however, I will plan to write posts more about reading and books and various topics related to books rather than the book reviews themselves.

    Thank you for this post! 🙂


  26. I try to post twice a week but I often cannot because of uni work! Plus English isn’t my first language and it’s not as easy to quickly write a post or a review. I usually work several weeks on a post for it to have almost no typo or grammar error and such. So now I only post whenever I have a post ready, I’m happy if it’s at least once a week!


  27. I currently post every other day, because I have a lot of reviews all scheduled up as my blog is quite new, but I expect once I’ve caught up on reviews (and my reading slows down because of work) then I’ll switch to twice a week scheduled and then extra posts whenever I feel like them.

    As a reader, I enjoy blogs that post quite frequently because it means that whenever I visit them, I will have several new posts to read which is really nice and it also means that whenever I want to read something new, they’re more likely to be near the top of my stream.


  28. Hello!

    Very interesting post, it’s a question I’ve also thought about quite a lot. I’ve been blogging for four months, and at the beginning I wanted to set a tentative schedule for my posts. After starting to post weekly (as planned), I realized that it might not work for me, and now I try to post every two weeks. Works much better for me this way!

    In my case, the posting regularity does not only depend on my availability, but more on my objective for the blog. As I want to write posts about the books I read, and rarely about adjacent topics, I need some time to read the book and then put together a review.

    Looking forward to seeing other thoughts on the topic!


  29. Great post! Interesting discussion. I’ve only been blogging about 3 months and aim for 2-3 posts a week. But through December I only managed a few posts all month. I think the trick is, as you said, not to stress about it – this is what I do for fun, and as soon as I start putting pressure on myself, it will stop being fun.


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