I am now offering two different packages of editing services for writers: beta reading and sensitivity reading. Please continue reading if you feel either of these are what you’re looking for! If you would like to see what others have to say about my services, testimonials are located at the bottom of the page. 


What is beta reading?   

Beta reading is when a person reads a writer’s unpublished but finished manuscript and critiques it. Beta readers are for you if you’ve already been through edits and need critique from a reader standpoint. 

Why should you pay me to beta read for you? 

I am a teenager who’s been reading and reviewing YA for the past 3 years. I’ve read countless amounts of amazing and terrible books, and have so much experience with this genre. As a teenager, I know what is realistic for characters to do or say, and what is not. I know what to avoid in the YA genre, and what is popular. I know what readers like, and what they despise. I can help you get your manuscript in perfect shape. I’m also writing my own novels and have beta read for many other writers. 

What is included in this beta reading package:

I will read your book and look at the big picture details. After a full read-through of your manuscript, you will receive a one to three page critique focusing on things that may include plot, pacing, character development, worldbuilding, writing, and more. It is focused on my general thoughts on the book as a reader, and especially as a teenager, for whom YA is marketed. I will be also be looking for your characterization of teenagers: whether it feels authentic, the use of technology, dialogue, and other things like that, as well as my overall thoughts on your novel.


As of now, I’m simply charging 100 dollars for books between 60,000 and 100,000 words. If your novel is not between 60,000 and 100,000 words, the prices will differ, so be sure to mention this in your email.


What is sensitivity reading?

‘A sensitivity reader reads through a manuscript for issues of representation and for instances of bias on the page.  The goal of a sensitivity reader isn’t to edit a manuscript clarity and logic, although that may be an additional service offered. A sensitivity reader reviews a manuscript for internalized bias and negatively charged language.  A sensitivity reader is there to help make sure you do not make a mistake, but they are also NOT a guarantee against making a mistake.’

Writing in the Margins

Why should you pay me to sensitivity read for you?

I’ve read countless published books with glaring errors and hurtful things, and believe me when I say you do not want that to be your book. I can help spot things you may easily overlook, and to the best of my ability make sure your book is not problematic-but this is not a complete guarantee, so do not take it as such. If you include a marginalized character in your story-even if you are of that identity yourself-there may be problems, and I can help fix them.

What can I sensitivity read for? 

•aromantic spectrum characters

•bisexual/biromantic/pansexual/panromantic/wlw characters

For the above marginalized identities, it does not have to be your main character, but any character in the novel where there is a possibility that readers could be hurt by the representation.

What is included in this sensitivity reading package:

I will read your book and look at your portrayal of these identities. You will receive a one-to-two page critique focusing on things that may include harmful stereotypes, specific problematic lines within the text, and more, depending on the amount of problems I see and importance of the marginalized character in the story.


For manuscripts between 60,000 and 100,000 words, I ask for 200$. For specific scenes where a sensitivity read is needed under 10,000 words, I charge 25$. If your novel does not fit those options, the prices will differ, so be sure to mention this in your email.


Genres I love:



•Science Fiction

•Historical Fiction

However, I will accept all genres of Young Adult fiction. 

I do not read New Adult, Middle Grade, Adult, religious/spiritual, or poetry. I only offer my services for YA, because that is what I have experience with. If you have a MG or Adult novel, you should find someone better suited to critiquing your book. 

For both packages, your manuscript needs to be FINISHED and have gone through several drafts. 

You have to understand that I cannot accept every manuscript: if I feel like we aren’t suited for each other or the timing is not right for me, I will let you know. 

The turnaround time will vary based on the length of project as well as my schedule and more, so I will be sure to discuss that with you before committing to anything.

I will only be accepting the money through PayPal for full novels. For those novels, I also ask for half of the total price before beginning the project and the other half upon completion. For scenes/chapters to be sensitivity read that are under 10,000 words, I will accept 25$ Amazon gift cards or money through Paypal, paid at once upon completion of the read. There are no refunds for any project, because you are paying for my time reading the manuscript. 

You can email me at Bookishnessandtea (at) gmail (dot) com if you’re interested in this. If you have dates you need critiques by, please let me know before we decide to work together. Put in the subject line of the email: Beta Reading Services or Sensitivity Reading Services, depending on what you’re looking for. Please give a synopsis/summary of the book, the word count, genre, as well as links to your profiles on social media, and the specific marginalization of your characters if you are interested in a sensitivity read. I look forward to hearing from you! 


“I’m so thrilled I had the chance to hire Ava as a sensitivity reader for my 2018 HarperCollins book. Ava read quickly, and provided rich, detailed feedback about broad dynamics in the book, as well as pinpointing smaller, more specific microaggressions. She clearly understood my characters and my story, and her feedback reflected that. I feel lucky I got to collaborate with her on this book, and I recommend her as a sensitivity reader without reservation.”


“I’m so glad I hired Ava as a sensitivity reader during the early stages of drafting my manuscript because she offered detailed feedback on the characters and story. She also talked me through the nuanced issues at play, making sure I didn’t introduce or repeat issues while editing. I can’t wait to work with her again.”

-Linsey Miller, author of MASK OF SHADOWS

“If I imagined a perfect person to beta read my novel, Ava would be ten times better than what I could ever dream up. She was great at picking up little details and big picture notes, both of which were invaluable to my manuscript. The best part was, her turnaround time was almost nonexistent! Anytime I need someone to beta read, I go to her, because I know I’m getting the absolute best service.”

-Alex Higgins, author and blogger at Fiery Reads


“Ava is probably the best beta reader I could’ve asked for. Not only did she finish her reading and edits faster that I ever expected; but her notes and suggestions and changes made my story all the better for her hard work. With her eye for grammar, and details big and small, Ava’s work was crucial in my editing and I can’t recommend her enough!”

-Mason Deaver, author of the untitled #EnbyLoveStory

“Ava was the first person I hired to do a sensitivity read, and I don’t regret it! She was able to pick up on the microaggressions and suggest rewordings to remove them. She was quick and easy to work with, willing to look at scenes I thought could present problems.”

-Ashlyn Kravitz, author

“I’ve hired multiple beta readers for my manuscript. Ava was by far the most detailed with finding the story’s weaker spots and pointing out its strengths. She was fast and her notes were structured, and the overall experience has made the next revision so much easier. I highly recommend her services.”

-Ashley Maile Bartolome, author