Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To Go On A Road Trip With

Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To Go On A Road Trip With

This is a guest post from the lovely Hannah from The Road To Hannah!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE road trips. Well, I love traveling in general, but I just find road trips to be such a fun way of seeing the world…even if I do hate driving. 🙂

Anyway, today I’ve made a list of the top five fictional characters that I’d like to go on a road trip with! Honestly, it was pretty hard to narrow this list down to just five characters, since there are just so many that would make a road trip amazing. But, a car only has so many seats, and even in an eight-seater car, I know we’d have to sacrifice seating for luggage space (I mean, I chose some very vain characters) 😉

1. Liam Stewart (The Darkest Minds)

The king of road trips himself! Nearly all of The Darkest Minds series takes place on the road, and while it isn’t always pretty, Liam sure does make it fun. From his smooth talkin’, southern charm, and spectacular music taste, Liam is sure to bring some life to the party. Not to mention…he’s quite the cutie. I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t partly there for eye candy…

2. Aaron Warner (Shatter Me)

Let’s be honest: he’s a pain in the butt, and he’d really only be there for eye candy. I mean, have you read Ignite Me?! My god…does a more attractive character even exist?!

3. Levi (Fangirl)

Moving on from the eye candy portion of this trip, that’s sure to get us in a wreck (well, if I’m driving, that is), we have cute lil Levi. While maybe not the cutest character ever, he sure is sweet, and will always be there to whip up a cup of coffee when those late night cravings hit. Plus, when we get sick of Liam’s music, he’ll have a great stash of audiobooks waiting to be heard.

4. Simon Spier (Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda)

I mean…who else would bring the Oreos (fun fact: Oreos are vegan. Like helllooooo, I am so here for this). And the amazing music. Simon, like Liam, has such a good taste in music, and between the two of them, the car would be full of some amazing jams. Plus, I definitely need someone sensible in this car. Not that Liam, Warner, and Levi aren’t, but…okay well, they’re not always the most sensible characters. Simon could help me reign them all in, for sure.

5. Celaena Sardothien

Let’s face it: I might rip my brains out being in a car with so many hormonal teenage boys. I’d definitely need a girl with me to keep me company…or to keep the guys in line for me. What better way to keep them in check than with a queen 😉 Such a strong, powerful, sassy woman…which also goes back to why I need Simon to help me keep everyone under control.

So that’s my lil road trip clan! Who knows where we’d go…possibly down the Road to Hana in Hawaii? 😉 hehe. Would you want to join our road trip clan? Or, who would you want to go with instead? Let me know!

Also, as a little treat… I know music was brought up a lot, so it’s probably not surprising that I have a huge love for music. I’ve linked my personal driving playlist below, so you can check it out…maybe find some new jams or reconnect with some old ones. I’m always discovering new music and always updating it, so be sure to give it a follow.

Check out Hannah’s playlist here!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Huge thanks to my darling Ava for letting me write for her blog!

Hannah is an 18 year-old college freshman, aspiring author, small business owner, model, and blogger residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Having written her first Young Adult Fiction novel at 16 years old, she has been working on it for nearly two years now, and has written two other novels in the meantime. When she isn’t busy building fantastical worlds for her characters, she is almost always immersing herself in the art of language. She runs an independent editing company called Rewrite Studio, where she helps provides edits and support for students of all ages in all different mediums. She is also fiercely passionate about blogging, and works on two different blogs: where she blogs about her love for Young Adult Fiction, and, her personal site, where she shares her personal style, travels, writing life, and more. When she isn’t doing some form of writing, you can find her traveling the globe, jamming at a rock concert, or baking vegan treats.    

Hannah’s Links!

Instagram: @theroadtohannah

Twitter: @theroadtohannah

Pinterest: @hannahsiddiqui

Goodreads: @hannahsiddiqui


 What fictional characters would you want to go on a roadtrip with? Are any of them the same as Hannah’s?

Thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Top 5 Fictional Characters I’d Love To Go On A Road Trip With

  1. The first character name that came to mind for me was Ron Weasley. Wouldn’t that be such a fun road trip? Ron, Fred, and George would be great road trip companions. I’d totally take Jason, Piper, and Percy from Heroes of Olympus with me too. Oh man, there are just so many good options…

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